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At MTV Movie Awards, 'Super 8' courts the youth vote [Video]

June 6, 2011 |  7:00 am

One of the stranger moments at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night -- besides Jason Segel's butt-texting bit -- came when Steven Spielberg took to the stage to promote "Super 8." It's not often you get one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation on a stage amid His Bieberness and the K-Stew hair pulling. But there he was, standing aside J.J. Abrams and several of the child actors from "Super 8."

The occasion was the unveiling of a new spot for the low-budget monster film (you can watch it below), and though the whole proceeding felt a bit anomalous amid the Harry Potter and "Twilight" coronations, it did make clear some interesting details about the upcoming film. There's a movie the characters are shooting, for one thing, and plenty of we-must-seal-off-this-town tension, along with more quick cuts than in "E.T.," the film to which "Super 8" has sometimes been compared. Also, is it just us or is there something about that child director that evokes Chunk from "The Goonies"?

As Abrams alluded to from the stage, "Super 8" is trying to create some old-fashioned pre-release mystery, and the interesting question will be how that plays to a younger audience weaned on pre-release hysteria. We'll find out soon: The movie, which is being sold on its concept and filmmakers a bit more than its stars, opens later this week.


Is J.J. Abrams' "Super 8" this summer's "District 9"?

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-- Steven Zeitchik


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