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A secretive Nick Broomfield documentary about Sarah Palin is nearly complete -- and could soon be heading to theaters

June 10, 2011 |  8:11 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin receives what is by all indications a very kind treatment in a new documentary that will premiere in theaters July 15. But a second, far more scathing Palin documentary is being prepared by a more experienced filmmaker. And it looks a lot more likely to stir the pot.

Nick Broomfield, the much-decorated British documentarian and muckraker, has quietly been interviewing Palin confidantes and is close to finishing his film about the former Alaska governor, said a person who was briefed on the film but asked not to be identified because of the secretive nature of the project.

According to the source, among the people who appear in the untitled movie are Palin’s parents as well as numerous ex-aides. Many of those people, the source added, describe her not as the likable repository of aw-shucks wisdom Palin likes to present but a more ruthless politician who has trampled over opponents and is now a potential presidential candidate.

Working with a minimal crew and in a gonzo style, Broomfield is known for his unusual access to  subjects, securing candid interviews in his films about Heidi Fleiss, Kurt Cobain and rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. At times controversial for his unorthodox and energetic style, Broomfield has nonetheless received a bevy of documentary prizes and received a lifetime achievement award at the BAFTA Awards, Britain’s equivalent of the Oscars.

Potential U.S. distributors will soon be contacted about Broomfield’s Palin film and could see a full version within a few weeks, said the source. The film could then play fall film festivals such as Toronto, with a distributor getting the opportunity to release it into the teeth of the 2012 election cycle, in which Palin is expected to be a key player.

Cassian Elwes, a veteran of the independent film world, is peddling rights to U.S. film companies in conjunction with another movie-business veteran, Jamie Carmichael. Elwes did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment.

News of the Broomfield film comes as AMC Theaters announced Friday it will play “The Undefeated," a film by Stephen Bannon, a Tea Party activist who interviewed numerous Palin supporters for his movie. While Palin does not appear in the film, the site Real Clear Politics reported that she helped coordinate interviews for it. According to CBS News, whose correspondent watched  "The Undefeated," the movie staunchly defends Palin and gives the strong impression that she will run for president.

Though “The Undefeated” has yet to  ignite passions in pundit circles,  the Broomfield movie could become a lightning rod as Palin either runs for president or plays an important part in defining the Republican Party’s 2012 platform.

Broomfield has a habit of making news with his window into the lives of the controversial and famous. In "Kurt & Courtney," he ambushed the late grunge rocker's widow, Courtney Love, and landed a damning interview with her. Love successfully sought to have the movie banned from the Sundance Film Festival. But it remains to be seen whether Broomfield’s Palin film will play to a larger audience or to a crowd predisposed against the politician.


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— Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Sarah Palin. Credit: Ed Andrieski/Associated Press

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This is the best the left has? films about Heidi Fleiss, Kurt Cobain and rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Born losers is making a big comeback.

Meanwhile gas and food prices are tripling, more and more people are out of work and losing their homes, and the Left has NO INTEREST in connecting the dots between Obamas work as a lawyer suing banks to force loans to people who couldn't pay them back and the bankers who eventually decided if they were going to be forced to make these loans, would package them around the world that led to the recession.... and who did these bankers help in the 2008 campaign? OBAMA. Who is donating millions to night as Obama meets in NYC? BANKERS.

Where are your "investigative" film-makers? Kissing Obama's rear end. When this gets turned around in a few years we will chase the Left into the ground.

Oh goodie, another ankle biter to release some fictional Palin hate fest tell all Opus.

This bombshell, like the two just released Palin tell all bombshell books, (now #43,000 on Amazon) it too in a week or two will be relegated to the Dollar Stores and Wal-Mart 50 cent video midnight specials.

Here's the real bad news for Palin haters. "The Undefeated" was made for one million dollars, but even Hollywood insiders are expecting it to gross up to fifty million dollars, or more.

Wife and I will see "The Undefeated" in a theater, then buy several DVD copies as gifts for friends and family. We like a few million others, will just be doing our small time help to insure the movie is an unmitigated money making success.

Palins Facebook page now numbers 3,120,799 followers, and increasing by 5,000-20,000 ) every day. (one 24 hour period was 31,000) She can write a Facebook article or a tweet, and reach more people than the NYT and WaPo combined. So keep saying to yourselves haters, damn, that Sarah Palin is just sooo dumb.

Hey LAT, have you found all those Palin email bombshells you were bragging about revealing?

I'll bet the media plays up this film while ignoring the Brannon film.

Boy are the libs spooked by Palin. Bwahaha. If crappy Obama can be President Palin can handle the job. Anyone can do it now. The President doesn't even do anything. Just sign off on what the real leaders tell them to sign off on.

And what presidential candidate has NOT been a "ruthless politician who has trampled over opponents"? That's how you reach the pinnacle of politics in the U.S. and everywhere else, for that matter.

Has any politiican in history, living or dead, been more vetted than Sarah Palin?

Julius Caesar or Hitler maybe?

it is time to burn the flag once again

Oh my! You palinbots are taking this kind of hard, arent' you? Well, if your queen's fake documentary is as successful as you seem to think it will be...
What's all the fuss about? If your queen didn't insert her sorry self into our faces on a daily basis, maybe she wouldn't attract so much interest, huh?
You think we're afraid of her on the left? We know you really don't believe that. It's a silly comment. Oh, and the "haters" comment sounds so juvenile. Like, ewwww.

What's astounding is that even without a film anyone paying attention knows what a fraud this woman is. Ethics violating, Bridge to Nowhere lying, librarian firing, 5 college hopping, job quitting, married to a seccessionist, Dominionist grifter...who thinks tweeting and facebooking amount to legitimate media interviews.

When are you Palin apologists going to wake up and see you've been played?

What a terrible infestation of Palinbots here !

I mean, so MANY comments providing such an AMAZING number of reasons that a documentary exposing the real Palin is a TERRIBLE idea !

And yet, not a single word of criticism about that shrill, schlocky, lie-filled piece of propagnada, "The Undefeated," being a waste of time and money . . . ?

The lower her popularity sinks, the more desperately her psychophants cling to her lies.

Laura, your ignorance is impressive. You must not have heard from the liberal media that all 14 ethic charges against Palin, while governor, have been proven wrong. I'm so surprised more liberals don't know this.

So let's review how Sister Defeated Sarah's morning is going in Arizona:

The scab from the Paul Revere wound is still very tender and sore

She already found that she's not the only scorpion in the new house

She's still worried about Willow having got kicked out of school in Alaska

The secret divorce from Todd is going public soon, and her charade of "HAVE YOU SEEN TODD" will
be revealed for the fraud it's always been

This new movie is about to be released, which has some VERY damaging content.

She's facing a lawsuit about the "Lemonade stand" farce, in which MS Mean Girl Palin forced her 8 year old daughter to play a part.

And someone VERY famous will soon be filing another lawsuit to get the other 2000 emails that were retained as " too sensitive" by the corrupt bastards in Parnell's government

Gee Sarah, maybe you should take 6 valium today instead of the usual 2, and call up Van Flein and beg
him to come back to you..

If she puts out a self serving film ad, why isn't OK to have an opposing film? Why did she quit the gov job? To cash in on the fame. She did well ($). Looks like Todd has been doing more than tweating. His "twitter" has been active. Who can blame him? Can you imagine being married to an ego like she is? Self serving racist and anti Semite. Comes out in coded words. This film will give another view. Good. "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."...Harry Truman.

"But it remains to be seen whether Broomfield’s Palin film will play to a larger audience or to a crowd predisposed against the politician."

The woman's got like a 28 percent favorability rating. A "larger audience" and "a crowd predisposed against" her are the same thing.

Naturally, the Palinbots swoop down and infest the comments. Do you people EVER admit that this woman is even CAPABLE of making a mistake?

You people would have loved living in Germany and Italy in the late 1930s/early 1940s: everyone who disagreed with your accepted "party line" would have been packed off to a concentration camp.

This is will be easy. If he's using her parents and words from her parents to paint a different narrative, people will be able to decide the nonsense it promises to spew.

At this point, Sarah Palin is the THE MOST VETTED candidate from 2008. McCain, Biden, and Obama have not been so closely looked at. Palin is a saint with what we've seen and heard and I think Americans are understanding that you can take words and phrases at face value or you can use them to paint your own narrative.

But one thing is for certain, everyone will know she's been well-vetted. Americans deserve to receive equal coverage of the guy who's added 4 trillion to our debt, ruined our health care system, devalued our dollar, and started a third useless conflict with Libya.

Because it is us and our children that have to pay now. It's not even funny anymore.

"She's facing a lawsuit about the "Lemonade stand" farce, in which MS Mean Girl Palin forced her 8 year old daughter to play a part."


Oh yes, and let's not forget about the tanning bed!


Schadenfreude, utter schadenfreude.

No one is twisting her arm for her words and actions. It shows that the taste and experience of power is pulling at her since her acceptance speech of VP. The need to fulfill the experience of living in the white house just tortures her everyday.She is ambitious! She is smart in terms of crowd mentality. She knows how to create new drama to bring attention to herself! Is she someone that will help us make a transition to a better life for all Americans? Will she want to understand what it takes to bring peace to the middle east.....which would mean that violence cannot be the ruling law. Does she even understand the idea that presenting the truth is important for those looking to you in leadership, to have confidence in your ability to lead. We need honesty in our leaders as the #1 priority. If you can't be honest with yourself then you'll not be honest with anyone else.

I'm afraid our self-appoi­nted experts on all things Paul Revere are out-classe­d by three historical scholars on the subject. I speak of Boston University history professor Brendan McConville­, Patrick Leehey of the Paul Revere House, and Robert Allison, a professor and historian at Suffolk University (during his NPR intterview­).

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but the validation of Sarah Palin's citation of Paul Revere history has been proven.

Oh, and I read that she is ruthless and destroys her political enemies. Great... then she will squash that useless excuse for a president, the resident of that office right now, the great doofus, the wonderful erkcle, the almighty Obama.

Liberals are so intellectually-incurious about Obama but are pathologically obsessed with Sarah Palin.

Theirs is a mental disorder.

Wow a loser making a film to do what, tell lies, make things up. Guess the media has not learned their lesson. Digging through Palin's emails and turning up what, she was a great gov. and a great person.. She was spot on with her dealing with issue and she is spot on with current issues and international affairs. This movie will only reflect how stupid is as stupid does in making an attempt defame Palin. This will be a total flop.

When are the progressives going to leave Palin alone - this unhealthy obsession with her is now getting ridiculous.
The press asking citizens to comb the emails looking for dirt.
Did not find anything aye?
Please you ought to focus on the horrible job the president is doing in dragging the country down instead of your Palin hard on.
This is typical progressive mob mentality.
Get over it focus on JOBS, the declining DOLLAR, inflation, Gas prices, the FED pump, and numerous other calamities we are facing.

Sarah Palin is the MOST FEARED conservative out there as far as the left is concerned.

JUST LOOK at how much the LIBRATARDS are going out of there way to trash her.

IF she was NOT a THREAT would They be saying anything??????

They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

Rush is RIGHT about the establishment Republicans ALSO FEARING SARAH

All the "serious" (sarc) pundits feel this way too. WHY else  would they go OUT of their way to trash her.


 they are all peeing in their pants at the thought of her running.

Remember,.. the MORE they say how easy she will be to beat
or how stupid she is etc,.. 

 one word.


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