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Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator:' It doesn't look like 'Borat'

June 9, 2011 | 11:43 am

"The Dictator" involves several of the main players from "Borat" (star-writer Sacha Baron Cohen, director Larry Charles) and also tells of the foibles of the foreign-born. But fans are hoping — and studio Paramount seems keen to impress — that the May movie, which has Baron Cohen playing both a deposed foreign dictator and a goat herder, is a lot more than a "Borat" retread.

Baronco Several new images suggest that, visually at least, "The Dictator" has put some distance between itself and the 2006 hit. Earlier this week came a paparazzi photo of Baron Cohen, clad in a patriotic jumpsuit, on a New York set, which at least made clear that the film has a  set, with little of the on-the-road gonzo tactics of "Borat."

Now Paramount has put out the first official image for the film — that's it to the left — and it shows a character who has much more in common with a Middle Eastern despot than the deluded Eastern European peasant from "Borat." Note the Kadafi-like epaulets, which raises the question of how much the film will echo the real-world dictators thrown to the fore of the news cycle in the recent Arab Spring.

(The film is putatively based on a novel written by Saddam Hussein, who makes a somewhat less sensitive target.)

No doubt the finished film will include accents and cringe-worthy moments and other elements that characterized "Borat." But "The Dictator" may not want to distance itself too much — "Borat" was kinda beloved.

A 'Borat reunion on Sacha Baron Cohen's  'The Dictator'

— Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Sacha Baron Cohen in "The Dictator." Credit: Paramount Pictures.

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The question is, Is Gadhaffi going to attend the world premiere?

I hope this is a return to form for Cohen. "Bruno" was a crushing experience, almost negating everything that went right in "Borat."

I'll never forget going to bed a few hours after seeing "Borat" for the first time. I couldn't stop chuckling over what I had just seen. My wife kept turning to me and saying, 'what are you laughing at?" But how could I describe that naked wrestling sequence and do it justice?

Cohen should have a fine career in a variety of roles, from voice actor ("Madagascar") to supporting clown ("Talledega Nights"). But who doesn't want him to be a standout comic star, the kind to tackle challenging material and make us think and laugh all at once - or at least in quick succession?

""Bruno" was a crushing experience, almost negating everything that went right in "Borat.""

I disagree with your comments Christian. Sasha's different movies tackle different stereotypes. Borat looked at the american view of the Middle East, Ali G was a reflection on the white kids in the UK trying to emulate Black Americans, and Bruno was looking at the US's homophobia.

I think each movie is funny in its own way and he shows how real people are and their phobias and deep seeted bigotry.

Maybe the fact that you think Bruno is so bad is a reflection on how you feel about homosexuals?

whahaha you stupid yankees, since when Kazahstan is in Europe, its in the middle of Asia you hamburger eating fools. If journalist is so dumb what can we say about regular americans? :DD


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