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Will the world end on May 21? Not according to 'The Terminator'

May 20, 2011 |  1:48 pm


People seemingly everywhere are a little curious to see what will happen on May 21, the day when Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping says the end of the world will begin.

Knowing-promo Some are preparing for the worst. But if you're a student of pop culture, you can rest easy, knowing that May 21 isn't the real end of the world. That's coming Dec. 21, 2012, according to the great prophet Roland Emmerich. Or perhaps it's March 24, 1982, as foreseen in "The Omen" movies. But that date has already passed, so how could that be? And let's not even get started on the "Terminator" films, which have predicted the end of the world on no less than three different dates.

As you can see from this gallery of Hollywood doomsday hits, it's always best to say the end of the world is coming "soon."


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--Patrick Kevin Day

 Photo: Scene from "Terminator Salvation." Credit: Warner Bros.

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I am responding to end of the World.
I do not want to make light of others theories but,"NO ONE KNOWS THE HOUR."
Does that tell you something?

Here it is from my point of view. May 21 is very near. I for one, am not a iota concerned.
Reason? If, and i say if, it is true, there is good news for the believers in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The free gift from HIM for all who ask for it.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO no worries for my family.
I would however, want to see all the people i know personally, accept the Free Gift of eternal life. With that gift, there is no worries for what lies ahead.
This is the only belief(religion, if you will ) where you can have this eternal life , don,t have to work for it, free of charge. The price was paid long time ago by Jesus.
I wish you all this, assured peace.
For the athiests out there gathering money for the "LEFT BEHIND "group
if what i believe is true and i do not know for sure , you still have a very slim, difficult, chance, to reconsider if it is true. By then you will know assuridly Who was the fool.
The bible says only a fool sais in his heart There is No God.
Maybe we will live to see another april fools day.

Judgement day is inevitable. "lol had you going on that I couldn't help myself"

I am very sad for those who have been following this lie that the rapture will occur on May 21st. Even if they attempt to explain away “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32), they cannot explain away that most every Christian, theologian, scholar, and prophet from the first Century until the Nineteenth Century all believed that the church would go through the Great Tribulation and not escape through some secret rapture that would leave the world paralyzed. I pray that they will take a moment and read my book, “Final Warning” because the hour of is His judgment has come. http://www.revelation-truth.org

the world will really end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the world's about to end ... All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles, I'm gonna drink 'em up ...

Hey. Im a little bit confussed of this whole situation. And I also dont see how the movies would have any effect of when the world will end. What my question is, is how do we know if the world will or will not end today? and honestly I think that planet Earth will live at least untill 2613. Thats my opinion though. I think that all of us should clean up our act though and live life to the fullest.
-J xxx

The world is not going to end, how can the united states end on Dec. 21, 2012, when the other part of the world is either a day ahead of us or a day behind. Like c'mon stop predicting this stuff to scare us human. Our lives are precious, the most and only precious thing you can have once in a life time. You may not know what will happen to your body after you die, all you know is that it will decease, that's all. Just live life as we know and wait till the day you take your last breathe. Movies are already enough, we don't need all these stories to be on the news, radio, newspaper, & what so ever. Just quit this kind of crap, it's too unbelievable. The one who is predicting all this crap Really needs to quit.

Who cares if it does. We can't stop it.

This is Harold Camping people, he predicted the world would end back in 1994. Honestly, your going to believe him? He's a joke.

Australians, are you dead yet?

today is the 21.......and im still alive

We'll just see for ourselves... Lmfao

You know what? I think we should all stop predicting when the world should end so that people can just live normally and go to church and stuff without worrying. When the world ends, it ends.


No one knows the hour,not you,not me,and of course there is no god.

The world will not end in a hour.

The world will end beacuse we are growing like cockroaches.

We can support so many people,in future if not now water and food will be the main issue.

Not this retarded prophecies.

FLASH!!!! Camping has disappeared!!! Last seen crossing Mexican border with two suitcases stuffed with your hard earned cash!!

FLASH #2!!!!! The sky is dark and a hear a rumbling!!! Oh! Wait!! It is just dark because its raining and that was a moving truck going by. Oh well.

Jesus Christ said he is coming soon, nobody knows when he will come. he said he will come like a thieve and you know that a thieve will not tell you when he is coming to your house he will come unexpected

Repent for JESUS CHRIST is coming soon. beware HEAVEN and HELL is real

many people do not believe that heaven and hell is real, if you are reading this and you have not given your life to Christ just pray immediately and tell God to forgive you for all your sins because if you don't you will go to Hell when the trumpet shall sound for Jesus Christ shall come and collect his people . for all those that only go to church and pretend like Christians Jesus will not carry you to Heaven, He will leave you behind and DEVIL shall come punish you till you accept the mark of hell 666 then you will go and burn in HELL for enternity
and know that when you are there there is no going back for Jesus will not be able to save you again

Someone trying to play the role of a "prophet" is ridiculous anyone who has read the bible knows God said there would be no more prophets. All this nonsense causes unnessicary anxieties. My daughter is so worried thanks to "cults" like this spreading rumors no human can possibly know the truth about. If the world is about to end then what good does talking about it do? If its going to happen its going to happen.

The world will not end. ‎(No one knows about the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father) Mark 13:32 I presume that the date that the world ends will be one on which no one guesses. Harold Camping has a specific date and time in mind for when the world will end. The fact is, that according to what I speculate in Mark 13:32: as long as theres someone believing that the world will end at any specific time, it won't. The bible does not lie, and there is obviously no hidden meaning in: (No one knows about the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father).

...Are we all dead yet?

Yeah, good point was made on time diffrences. Why isn't Australia and India dead right now then?

wat time will it end

there is such a thing but not on may 21 or Dec. 21 .. the Bible says that the judgment day will come and no one knows when even Jesus , but when it comes you all well know about it

Did you guys feel the earthquake? No? Must of been those chicken wings last night then....

(Mark 13:32)
"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

-Andrew | http://ceo.iorbix.com/

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