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A 'Little Miss Sunshine' reunion gets an important new participant

May 4, 2011 |  7:18 pm

EXCLUSIVE: For a whole swath of moviegoers, a "Little Miss Sunshine" reunion has an oddly reassuring ring.

That's pretty much how a new film project is shaping up.

In February we told you about "He Loves Me," a movie that stars Paul Dano and comes from the same producers and directors as the best-picture nominee.  Now the project has notched another commonality: Fox Searchlight, the division of 20th Century Fox that acquired and released the road-trip original, is in negotiations to finance and distribute the movie.

What does that mean for film fans? That "He Loves Me" could shoot as soon as July and be ready in 2012. A Fox spokeswoman confirmed the negotiations.

"He Loves Me" is based on a script from Zoe Kazan, the writer-actress who's also Dano's real-life girlfriend. She'll star opposite Dano, with the film directed by "Little Miss Sunshine" helmers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris and produced by "Sunshine" producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa.

Dayton and Faris have flirted with a whole host of films, but the husband-and-wife team, who make their living as well-regarded directors of commercials, have not made a film since they completed "Sunshine" in 2005.

Their new project centers on a young novelist who, while suffering from writer's block, is told to write the woman he thinks will love him. He winds up willing her into existence, "Weird Science" style.

When we first wrote about the movie, Berger said that there were plenty of similarities between "He Loves Me" and its antecedent. "The plot couldn't be more different than 'Little Miss Sunshine,' " he said. "But in terms of a movie with comedy, with heart and with strong characters, I think it's very similar."

The supporting cast is coming together and is expected to be named in the coming weeks. Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin, call your agents.


Little Miss Sunshine star, directors and producers will reunite for a new movie

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: "Little Miss Sunshine." Credit: Fox Searchlight


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What a wonderful sexist idea -- to bring the retro woman-as-object-created-by-man sensibility of "Weird Science" into the modern age.

How daring a project this sounds for an era when women are seen as individuals in their own right!


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