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With new trailer, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' begins to breathe its fire

May 29, 2011 |  5:46 pm

There's already a debate about how this trailer for "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" got online: Was it leaked from a European theater or stealthily put there by Sony? Whatever your conspiracy theory, the source is perhaps less important than the content of this so-called "feel-bad" Christmas movie, all of which comes at us fast, gritty and stylish. (We link to the trailer here instead of embedding it because it's been red-banded, apparently owing to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it nudity shot; please use your discretion in clicking through.)

Shrewdly assuming knowledge of the Stieg Larsson literary series, the spot for the David Fincher movie eschews traditional setup and exposition in favor of quick cuts and a driving Led Zeppelin cover by Trent Reznor and Karen O. This one's for the devotees.

Still, if you pause the spot or watch it multiple times, you'll see many allusions to the mystery that Daniel Craig's Mikael Blomkvist and Rooney Mara's Lisbeth Salander are trying to solve in the Swedish snow. It's a smart approach: The story is there for those who want it, but it's not laid out in a way that could subject it to scrutiny.

The trailer's cumulative effect is to make the movie feel both polished and raw, a sophisticated product that moves miles beyond the made-for-TV feel of the Swedish-language original. If the book and the casting already have fans excited for the first installment this December, this one will make them rapturous.


Rooney Mara will be the girl with the dragon tattoo

Will Rooney Mara make a good Lisbeth Salander?

Noomi Rapace, the girl with the dragon tattoo, will have a vampire bite

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Rooney Mara on the set of  "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." Credit: Vanity Fair


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For my money, they should have taught Noomi Rapace how to speak English and put in the English verson....

I hope this movie sticks to the original.. Its going to be a tough sell to top the original movie.. but we she see....

I don't understand why they are remaking 2 year old movies. The 3 original Swedish movies are the best crime dramas I've seen in years. Noomi Rapace is amazing and she's irreplaceable. Typical American arrogance.

Nice review. Won't ever see it. I liked the Led Zep remake.

Typical European arrogance, to think that just because they made a crappy made for TV version of a book first that it can't be made by a much better Director and cast that trumps that abortion of a film from Sweden.

It sure has the feel of the book. Dan Craig looks the part; we forget about his flat boxer nose and vaguely Scandinavian look. If some of the razor edge of Noomi Rapace's character is blunted, it might make it more palatable. Rapace created an indelible memory that even the book doesn't match.
They should have cast Lindsay Lohan in the part....

W..T..F? I just finished watching the trilogy on iTunes/Netflix and they're remaking it already?

Typical dimwit septic response from dewman77 , that anything made in the USA ( which is actually just made in China these days ) is going to be / is better . Not interested in this remake , as so many other American abortion remakes .... see Nikita , Let the right one in , almost every British comedy .... If the US is so brilliant how about Hollywood coming up with some new ideas instead of remakes of already brilliant films ( dumbed down for dewman77) , or sequels to already dumb and tired cliches .

"If the book and the casting already have fans excited for the first installment this December, this one will make them rapturous."

I am neither excited nor enraptured. She looks horrible. Where's Noomi when we need her? Daniel Craig has the look for the part and he can actually act, but beyond that, I am looking forward to this version like I look forward to getting my nails pulled out under torture. I like Fincher's other stuff, but he's got a heavy lift coming up on this one.

I think the writer of this blog was unduly (even absurdly) harsh on the Swedish film version of these novels and it's hard to imagine another actress approaching the excellent work done by Noomi Rapace but I am curious to see what Fincher does with it.

I've no intention of seeing this version, because in no universe could it improve on the European version. However, that photo looks like it's from seedy-chic photo shoot for a glossy. Confirming my suspicions that Hollywood usually goes for the exterior rather than the interior.

I like it. It looks more hardcore than the Swedish film.

More shots of Daniel Craig than Girl. Bet that's how the movie is going to be. Strong women still scary for Americans.

This trailer piqued my interest to actually watch the American version, albeit relectantly. I really wished they got Noomi to play Lisbeth. Rooney seeems a bit young and too pretty, but we shall she how she pulls it off. Daniel Craig is perfect for mikael. If anything i was planning on watching already beacause of him. I thought the preview would get me excited. I liked the fast pace of it with memorable scenes from the book, but it felt similar in a lot of ways to the swedish versions. Did they use the same locations as the swedish versions? Or maybe the remake was just too soon so alot of it looked like scenes spliced from the swedish version. I guess well have to wait 6 more months to see if this version will live up to the book and 1st movie.

People - they aren't remaking it out of arrogance or because Americans think only American films count, or because Europeans think only Europeans count. They're remaking it because it's a chance to make yet more $$$ from it.

The trailer looks good to me. They left a lot out of Swedish version, will be interesting to see what they do with this version.

I think I get where "made for TV" is coming from. The Swedish version doesn't do much with the look of the film -- the camera set-ups are pretty repetitive and the cinematography lovely but not really memorable. From what I can see in the trailer, Fincher has the perfect kind of pulpy approach to the book.

Plus, Rapace was a little old to play the part of somebody who is supposed to look really young, and didn't quite have the teeny-tiny frame that Salander is supposed to have. Call me superficial, but that just made it hard for me to buy her as Salander (setting aside for the moment Hollywood's general deficiency in creating interesting women characters and not just using them as eye candy).

Come on they weren't crappy movies. They were better actually than most movies in the theater. Why insult the quality of the films just because they weren't made here? I hope the American version is good and the cast is definitely capable of making them more than that. I still believe that Rapace should have had the movie role as well but it is what it is so let's see what they make it for the big screen.

The European version is one the few foreign language films that I feel is so strong it doesn't require an English remake. I'm not into subtitles, so am biased. But the Swedish version is so superb that I won't watch this remake.

Figures that an American would attempt to denigrate the superior Original version. What I expect though is that the U.S. remake with be a "watered down" version of the raw sexual violence in the original. Therefore no matter how glossy TGWTDT is polished up to be, it will fail. Oh and I am an AMERICAN and I have sen the ENTIRE "Millenium Series" and I CAN read subtitles.

Darn it. The trailer's gone as of 6/1.

When I first heard that a remake of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' was being filmed, I wasn't surprised. Hollywood also remade 'Let The Right One In', another Swedish cult hit also based on a novel. What annoys me about these American remakes of foreign films is that the film industry has this presumption of the general American audience not being savvy enough to enjoy it's foreign predecessor, with subtitles. This justifies Hollywood shamelessly capitalizing on an existing film by making an American version. They are saying that an American version of a Swedish film is more acceptable for the American mainstream audience than the original. But then, you can easily find TGWDT at your local red box dvd dispenser in front of you grocery store.


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