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'The Hangover: Part II' trailer takes us back to an earlier day [Video]

April 1, 2011 |  7:00 am

Mike Tyson doesn't appear in the trailer for "The Hangover Part II," but his tattoo does, materializing on the face of Ed Helms' Stu. It's one of a number of callbacks to the original movie in the first full trailer, which hit the Web late Thursday.

In Todd Phillips' new installment, the group again raises their glasses in the air before a night of drinking and wakes up the next morning in unfamiliar and messy surroundings. There's an animal lurking about, although this time it's a monkey instead of a tiger. A man goes missing, only this time it's the brother of Stu's fiancee, instead of Justin Bartha's Doug. A mystery is once again pieced together with items found in pockets. And Ken Jeong's Mr. Chow is back, still rhyming and laughing maniacally.

At least the setting is different, as the drunken night brings the group to Bangkok, where they take in some tuk tuk rides and meet the locals.


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Can't waiti to see this. Loved the first movie, but the main reason I want to see this is because Bangkok is such a beautiful and world class city, and usually given short shrift in movies. FINALLY someone is going to do a good movie with one of the most incredible cities in the world as a backdrop. There are many reasons why Bangkok is the #2 world tourist destination after London, and it's about time Americans see how crazy fun this place can be.

This is a really cool trailer! Looks like the part II is going to be pretty funny as well. The premise seems similar to the 1st part, but the setting is different; and that would definitely make this movie interesting to watch. I am really looking forward to this movie.

Bad Monkey, Bad Monkey!!!


Can't wait!!!

I don't get it...why is this offensive? The water bottle is clearly shown being placed in the man's pants, so again...why is this offensive? A monkey biting a water bottle cap is far from offensive. Perhaps if it were a child, then I would agree, but an animanl that is clueless to human "perceived" sexual acts, please come on.

This trailer looks so funny and I also don't understand why it is offensive and I agree Bangkock is a very beautiful place. I hope they release the film because the trailer looked like so much fun :)

can't wait for this movie to come out. It's going to be a blast...


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