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Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins: Who's the fairest of them all?

April 2, 2011 |  9:43 am

Stewart              Lily













The announcement Friday that Lily Collins would play the title character in the other Snow White movie (or is Kristen Stewart's the other Snow White movie?) offers a rare chance to compare two actors who'll take on the same role at virtually the same time. Which one is best suited to play the fairy-tale heroine? We grade them on seven key characteristics.

Likability. Snow White has to be relatable if not downright sweet, Mia Wasikowska's Alice if not Anne Hathaway's princess. Stewart doesn't do smiling well. Collins, on the other hand, is a beaming presence who practically gushed to HitFix when she got the role. Advantage: Collins

Resume. Even at 21, Stewart has a lot of acting experience, not just in three "Twilight" movies but dramas such as "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Rileys." Collins' most prominent role is as the daughter you nearly forgot amid Sandra Bullock's Oscar-winning performance in "The Blind Side." Advantage: Stewart

Tonsoriality. it's all about the hair. Stewart's can be lustrous, as in the photo above, but it can also be gothy, stringy, unprincessy. Plus she's always tugging at it. Not very Snow White. Collins' is long, flowing, Rapunzel-like. Advantage: Collins

Pedigree. Stewart's father was a stage manager, giving him some everyman respectability. Collins' father was the man who gave the world "Su-su-sudio." Advantage: Heavily Stewart

Attractiveness. Always a subjective category. We'll defer to the experts. Collins landed on Maxim's list of the 20 hottest daughters of rock stars. Kristen Stewart failed to make Maxim's Hot 100 last year, though did merit an FHM mention. Advantage: Collins (despite the loose definition of "rock star")

Slyness. Mental acuity is just as much a part of Snow White as physical beauty; after all, you need to outsmart the queen and her evil designs. Collins went to Harvard-Westlake and is studying journalism at USC. Stewart left organized education in the seventh grade. Advantage: Heavily Collins

Fleetfootedness. You have to outrun the huntsman and anyone else the queen will send after you. As Bella Swan, Stewart has plenty of on-screen practice running away from the bad guys, even if she mumbles incoherently while she does it. Collins has mostly avoided any pursuer-type situations. Advantage: Stewart

Final tally: Collins: Three advantages, one heavy advantage. Stewart: Two advantages, one heavy advantage


How many new Snow Whites does the world need?

Will Kristen Stewart make a good Snow White?

Kristen Stewart: Breaking Dawn will change people's minds about Bella Swan

--Steven Zeitchik


Photos: Kristen Stewart. (credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) Lily Collins. (credit: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

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Really with this article? Grading women on such things attractiveness, real classy.

I'm second to none in my distaste at Phil Collins' unfortunate turn towards maudlin show tunes, but he was also the drummer and front man of Genesis. Yep, he gave us Su-su Sudio (and worse), but the man's still a rock legend. Don't let your desire for snark suggest that your memory of music goes back only 5 years.

Silly comparison.........Lily Collins has more of man-like face.....Kristen is super dupper womanly face....

Personally, I don't exactly like Stewart, but, I am excited to see what she has to bring to this edgier version of Snow White because she was very good in 'The Runaways.' Collins on the other side, I'm just a little skeptical because I've never seen her act (well at least not more than a few words).

K-Stew's face is not womanly, she looks constipated, She also can't act and has a monotone voice in every role she plays. with the exception for the runaways she can't act very well.

and as for pedigree, come on Phil Collins is in the rock and roll hall of fame as opposed to some unknown lowly stage crafter....so yeah. I think we all know who shoulda won that....

Why are you knocking Phil Collins? How dare you!

Your comparison is sooo stupid it's funny the stories willbe different and Kristen is the better one sorry don't care what school the other girl went to it is all about the attitude and the acting

Collins, I feel is more naturally attractive. Kristen Stewart is a little pallid. And you said Lily Collins hasn't done a lot of running away, but actually she will be doing quite a lot of running away from bad guys in 'Abduction'.

What a poor and low level article for a publication of the LA Times status!

Totally disrespectful to the actresses....

And... Mr. Zeitchik, I am very disappointed that it came from you.

A pity...

Delivering your judgement like some omnipotent deity is nauseous. That said, in my opinion, Kristen wins by a long shot in attractiveness.

Esquire Magazine pointed out Stewart's snarling entitlement, and that's hardly a good quality for Snow White. She's also famous for her scowl, having an extremely foul mouth (Chris Weitz is still tweeting about her swearing on the set), being unable to work up a smile even on the red carpet, having the figure of a 14 year old boy, chain smoking like a fiend, being awkward and fidgety, and putting her foot in her mouth numerous times, even having to apologize for using "rape" to describe photographers. Let's not forget the photo of her flipping the bird with both hands while on a promo tour in the land down under. That was great publicity, so you can really trust her as a filmmaker to do her best to represent your film.

You left all that out of her "pedigree." She also dropped out of high school to be tutored on the set and has no plans to go to college and she was photographed on her porch smoking what appeared to be pot. In the leaked BD photos where she's grabbing her stomach she appears to have "man hands." Other than that, she's perfect for Snow White.

Lily Collins seems like a lovely girl, very feminine and intelligent. Bravo.

Why all the hate at Kristen? She is as sharp as the come and a stellar actress!

Well since you're going to hit below the belt I will too. Stewart has the advantage for her azz and stems. Collin's is square shaped and has stubby chubby stems. As for education, you forgot to add that Stewart finished her education and graduated with honors.

Seriously... kristen can't act. Why was she even considered for this roll?? Cause of twilight?

I go for edgier and badazz over bubble gum boring any day. Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Lily Collins(who?) sounds like a snoozefest. Give me Charlize Theron, Viggo Mortensen, and Kristen Stewart any day. There Snow White sounds way more interesting with Joe Roth producing. Are you kidding me? The man that gave us Adventureland? Can't wait for Universal's version.

I don't see any hate, I see the truth. Is anything I wrote a lie? I don't think so, they are facts that can be backed up with lots of documentation. Google is your friend, use it if you don't believe me. The Times article just glossed over a few facts and I added some evidence to round out the story.

I didn't even bring up Stewart's acting which is also perceived as static, wooden and expressionless, unless she's biting her lip, breathing through her mouth, and fidgeting, which she does in all the films I've seen her in, regardless of the character she's playing. Not hate, just a discerning filmgoer. Critics can be sheep.

And all the good reviews couldn't attract ticket buyers to her indies. All three of them were massive flops, they didn't even make their budgets back. She hasn't been in a single film that's made its budget back outside of the Twilight franchise and her first film with Jodie Foster, and let's face it, no one went to see Panic Room to see Stewart. She's yet to prove she can carry a film and I hear the SW script is so bad that even with a rewrite, Viggo bailed.

I just think it's funny that Lily played in a movie with Taylor Lautner, and is rumored to be dating him. Rob Pattinson and Taylor should get together, and talk about how their women are Snow White. :)

Definitely Kristen Stewart! She does smile and quite often - just not when she is being stalked by paparazzi. Her hair is gorgeous. Kristen's hair may look stringy on a normal-going- to-get-a- coffee-type of day but she has had many magazine shoots where it is full and flowing. Remember when she had that high, sleek pony tail with the short gold dress for some award show? This Snow White is supposed to be edgy and in Kristen's case, she falls in love with the Hunstman who is training her to fight - definitely a role for Kristen. Was Lily Collins really in the maixm hot 1oo? Serioulsy? Take a look at those eyebrows - she does look manly.

Sounds like this SnowWho is some obsessive Kristen hater. For someone who doesn't seem to be a fan she sure knows so much about Kristen and her projects. I usually don't follow actors that I don't like let alone know about their future projects. I find her obsessive behavior quite fascinating. BTW, I just read an article where it stated that Viggo was dropped because he was asking for too much money and back end deals. And for a script that is claimed by SnowWho to be so awful, was one of the most expensive ones bought last year. I love it when obsessive haters think their opinions of her acting outweighs critics, producers, directors, and colleagues of Stewart. Quite fascinating the obsession for Kristen Stewart by fans and some nonfans.

if kristen wasn't snow white you wouldn't have a story... no one knows collins

Wow. This isn't degrading to women at all. Attractiveness? Stay classy, guys.

Biased much? Anyway Kristen wins on all counts.

All wrong...Taylor Swift would be a better SW...

I had to stop reading this at the likability stage when you wrote that "Stewart doesn´t do smiling well". What exactly are you basing that on? A lot of us know you are wrong about this, view exhibit A: http://twitpic.com/262pjn

I like Lilly, but you should probably watch some of Kristen Stewart's films before you judge her against an actress that has done relatively nothing. And Lily Collins is smarter than Kristen Stewart?....You probably have a degree in journalism, yet look at this "article" you've written.
A+ for stupidity.

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