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Kristen Bell: Russell Brand is a game changer, like Richard Pryor [Video]

April 12, 2011 |  6:16 pm

With "Arthur" opening poorly this past weekend, some in the movie industry have questioned whether Russell Brand has what it takes to be a leading man.

But the comedian does have at least one defender in Hollywood: Kristen Bell, who costarred with Brand in his American film debut, 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Asked at the premiere of "Scream 4" on Monday night if she thinks Brand is cut out to carry big studio films, Bell said she believes the actor's comedy is sometimes misunderstood.

"Not everybody gets him, and they don't have to. Not everybody got Richard Pryor, but he's still one of the best comedians out there," said the actress, who played the girlfriend of Brand's outlandish rock star Aldous Snow in the comedy. (Video above.)

"Arthur," a remake of the 1981 comedy starring the late Dudley Moore, cost Warner Bros. about $40 million to produce but only raked in $12.2 million upon its debut. The film drew largely negative reviews, with many critics declaring that  Brand's over-the-top persona can overstay its welcome in anything more than a supporting part.

"If you make something that nobody hates, then nobody loves it. And I think that's a really good rule to live by," Bell said of the critical response. "[Russell] elicits emotions out of people, and whether you like it or not -- whether he's too daring for you or not -- I think he's a really good guy."

--Amy Kaufman



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Well, gee——now that this titan of the industry and well known cultural analyst has weighed in, I guess it all makes sense.

Please do not compare Brand to Pryor, if you do this you are an idiot and anyone in earshot is dumber because of you. It's like comparing urine and water, yes both are liquid but would you really want to drink both.

I can't believe that Ms. Bell would attempt to compare Russell Brand to Richard Pryor. There is no comparison. It just illustrates how little Ms. Bell knows her business and its history. She would have been better off keeping her mouth shut.


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