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'Immortals' tries to give a worn genre new life [Video]

April 27, 2011 |  2:02 pm

The success of “300” four years ago could have ushered in a new era of artistry for swords-and-sandals tales, or simply a new era of knockoffs. Judging by what’s come since, it’s getting harder to argue the former.

“Immortals,” which shares producers with “300” and follows a trio of films similarly themed with honor and epic battle (“Clash of the Titans,” “Prince of Persia” and “The Eagle”), begins its pre-release campaign with a new teaser trailer released Wednesday.

Tarsem Singh (“The Fall”) brings a sense of style to the material, which this time around takes on the battle of Thesus (Henry Cavill) against King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke, trying out a new villainous accent). But amid the flaming arrows and leaping swordsmen is a generic story of honor and gods and battles, and a somberness that can border on the comic. The earnest disrobing from the likes of Freida Pinto doesn't help, nor do the "Eyes Wide Shut" masks, or the boilerplate dialogue. (“Today we are offered something we would never have. Today we fight for honor.”)

When it was first developed three years ago the action movie, now scheduled for November, looked like it would compete in the marketplace with “Clash of the Titans.” In fact, Warner Bros. contemplated buying the script on which it’s based for use in developing “Titans," so closely related were the pair. “Immortals” is now sandwiched between that movie and its sequel next March, which may or may not give it enough breathing room.

Sandal-philia aside, the interesting question is how “Immortals” will affect Cavill’s stock -– the film will be closely watched by Superman lovers to see what kind of hero chops Cavill demonstrates.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Mickey Rourke in "Immortals." Credit: Relativity Media


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I shouldn't be laughing, but man that is some wretched acting by Cavill. Wow. Wow. Wow.

The movie as a whole looks strangely cheap.

As much as I love Cavill (and looking at him), he seems to be doing a parody of Gerard Butler in 300, showing his full set of teeth and all, which by the way, brings me to another point. Why do these types of films always have a rallying speech? "Today, we fight for freeedooom. For hooonooorr!!!" How about fight for better writing?

By the way, 300 was so last decade. It's been stylistically copied too many times, it's lost effect. If they were going to rip another movie, couldn't they have done Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Or anything that isn't as stylistically obnoxious as 300?

hahahahaha. i agree w/ david t. completely about the rallying speeches. maaaan, it appears they producers and/or script writers never tire of it. its sickening and annoying now. if the best parts are shown in the trailers then we already know how bad it'll be. it looks like a cheap imitation of 300. come on hollywood be creative and original. all that money wasted on crap movies could sooooo be used by me. :D

Freida's disrobing is probably to distract viewers from her bad acting (Miral was even worse) and the cliched lines. This looks like it could have been a good movie but instead comes across very contrived, at least in the trailer. Still love Stephen Dorff though...


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