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Footage of Ryan Reynolds' 'Green Lantern' shines a light ... for some

April 4, 2011 |  1:44 pm


When the trailer for Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern" hit back in the fall, it threw both fanboys and general audiences for a loop, with only oblique references to the comic book mythology or, for that matter, to a larger story.

A new four minutes of footage from the Martin Campbell-directed "Lantern" may have turned it around for one group -- and confused the other even further.

Hardcore fanboys will find much to scrutinize about the new material, which you can check out below. There are lots of Oans in heavy makeup in the Hal Jordan tale, and lights and weapons flashing on distant planets; indeed, but for a few  shots, most of the trailer takes place somewhere other than Earth. The "Green Lantern" oath is recited not once but twice, and lines like "I am Tomar-Re, Protector of Sector 2813" are intoned with deep significance.

There's a moment of Reynolds humor/skepticism, but it's quickly dispensed with. There isn't a single woman in the entire four minutes. And there are just a couple of lines that someone without knowledge of the mythology would fully comprehend (e.g., "the ring turns thought into reality").

You know pretty much right away where you stand when the footage opens with an account of what happens when, as one fan blog put it, "Abin-Sur is attacked by the Parallax."

Perhaps the biggest shift is away from the early trailer's focus on the odyssey of one man from slacker to superhero and toward the galactic, the-world-could-soon-end stakes.

The material originated at this last weekend's WonderCon, a fanboy gathering. But the fact that the scenes, which Warner Bros. knew would go viral, lean so heavily this way suggests that the studio is trying a different tack at this stage of the marketing campaign. Unlike an "Iron Man" or a "Green Hornet," which in the months before release used humor and a human story to reel in a broad demographic, "Green Lantern" is playing straight to the core audience, even though it is, in the end, a big-budget summer tent pole that needs to cut a broad swath.

Toward the end of the material, Mark Strong's Sinestro addresses a group of Oans and says: "I don't need to tell you who we are." It's a fitting line -- this is footage for people who don't need to be told much of anything.


Does the new Green Lantern trailer actually hurt the movie's advance word?

-- Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Ryan Reynolds in "Green Lantern." Credit: Warner Bros. 

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The clip looks good! I was a little leary of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but if he can carry the movie as well as he carried the clip, I'm sold!

OH YEAH!!! This movies is going to be AWESOME!!

I watched the new trailer five times yesterday, and can't wait to see the new movie! I'd disagree that the trailer is only for fanboys. The only time I've ever seen Green Lantern is in old cartoons so I don't know that much about his background other than he has a cool ring. Doesn't matter, all those scenes in space with the aliens look fantastic. Ryan Reynolds looks like he's going to be great in the movie and funny, too.

Im confused... is this a review or something? Because its pretty stupid if it is.
"may have turned it around for one group -- and confused the other even further."
This is NOT a new trailer, this is footage SPECIFICALLY selected for Wondercon, so of course it leans towards the demographic that goes there.

A new trailer that should be accessible to everyone, comes before Thor.

And a "fanboy gathering" doesnt sound snide at all

All the aliens are not Oans, they are all from different planets, from various parts of the universe. Oan sits at the center of the universe and is the home to the Guardians of the Universe, who are the oldest living race in the universe. They are also immortal. Oan is where the central power battery recides also. From what I see here I thing the space stuff will carry more weight than the things that occur on Earth.

Knosis, while trying to correct the reviewer you've made a large mistake yourself in calling OA "Oan." The reviewer will learn the history when they watch the movie, judging by the article he is clearly not a comic book reader. What is your excuse?

There are at least 3 women in the trailer, a female alien, Amanda Waller and Carol Ferris along with a girl, most likely Ferris, who Reynolds covers in his car at the fair. While no females have speaking roles, those three will all feature prominently in the film (the female Lantern is just a guess but shes next to some very important other GLs). Not to mention the nameless female Green Lanterns on Oa and those fleeing Parallax. To say "there isn't a single woman in the entire 4 minutes" is a lie and misleading, or at the least just poor hyperbole as any male will immediately notice any female presence, even if its the scowling Amanda Waller.


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