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Arnold Schwarzenegger will try serious acting. Maybe.

April 29, 2011 | 11:32 am

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to strap on the serious weaponry and blow people away on behalf of Skynet in a fifth "Terminator" movie. But before that happens, he could don a more dramatic mask.

So says Vulture, which calls "Cry Macho," a  drama from "Lincoln Lawyer" director Brad Furman and "Million Dollar Baby" producer Al Ruddy, Schwarzenegger's next movie. Based on a novel by N. Richard Nash, it centers on an aging horse trainer who tries to get back in with his boss by kidnapping the boss' son from his ex-wife (in a "Ruthless People" turn, his ex-wife doesn't want the son back).

The site calls the film Schwarzenegger's "first post-gubernatorial project." Of course, things frequently don't happen that quickly for projects like this. There's no financing yet for the independent film, which will be seeking funds from foreign sales at the Cannes Film Festival in May, an event ahead of which this news is serendipitously surfacing. And Furman does have a history of getting a bit ahead of himself. (Messages for Ruddy and Furman were not immediately returned Friday morning.)

If "Cry Macho" does get made, is it a good choice for Arnold? In the recent history of actor comebacks, a shift to serious gears has been an effective way to get one going; Mickey Rourke, for one, executed it to perfection in "The Wrestler."

Of course, that presupposes you have the chops to pull it off. And even if you could, sometimes it's still better to take on a big summer blockbuster. No matter how good Robert Downey Jr. would have been in the smallest indie circa 2008, it didn't hurt that he was seen by millions in "Iron Man."

With no script or screenwriter for "Terminator 5" and no money as yet for "Cry Macho," it will still be a little bit before we see Schwarzenegger back on the big screen. And a while before the Governator decides what comeback path to take.


Arnold Schwazrenegger returns to 'Terminator.' Is it a good idea?

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger receiving a championship belt at an environmental conference in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP


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I am afraid it wont work. Arnold is best known for action comedy and I am afraid a movie like “Cry Macho” will fail at the box office. Sylvester Stallone tried the same thing and after a few flops realized he was wasting his time and returned to his action roles which have done really well.

Comedy is much harder than serious acting. Arnold has been underestimated his entire life, nothing he tries and succeeds at would surprise me.

The more he tries to act seriously, the funnier it will be.

Arnold...don't try to get too serious. You are not a serious actor. You are a weightlifter\bodybuilder turned action hero...and that's about the limit of your range.

You do what you do best well...so stick to it!

I think he should act again he has great movies his movies are the best to watch

Why? He spent the last seven years honing his skills at situation comedy.

act? seriously?

Arnold was TRYING to act the last several years as the Governor of "Cal-ee-PHONE-ya".

ok- the arninator will be big box office. but what about the independant distributors. arninator should put aside his large ego and think about the smaller players. its been a good run arni but its time to smell the flowers and spend time with the family,

Arnold acting seriously? That's serious comedy.

I thought that is what (acting) he was doing as Governor!

Look,last 8 years were bad acting from Democrat Pretending to be Republican.
Go back to what you know.Movies and that Kennedy Connection never worked out so well.

Schwarzenegger is terrible. I'm sure whatever project he does will flop!

I went from liking him as an actor to hating him as a politician. I won't go back.
PArdoning his friends murdering son in a last minute behind closed doors was the last straw.
Rot in hell Arnie

Anorld is a good and humble man, seing him back on the screen is a good thing. some governors in some of african countries cant do this, cos they will be looking at there position as governor, anold is back on screen and he is back again for good and intresting movies.

um what about KING CONAN please

After nabbing the position in a recall, those years of attempting such a thankless job as being California governor should have built up a huge Method Acting reservoir for taking care of an unwanted kidnapped kid.

He should play an incompetent grandstanding governor of a big state. Something tells me he could nail that role.

Boycott anything and everything ARnold to pay him back for the mess he left us with in Sacramento!

C'mon Mark Gang,

It is pronounced, "Cow - Leaf - Ornya".

He could do a serious film, but it would require a very experienced, meticulous director to get a legitimate performance out of him. I think he should try it. He's been surprising in the past. I don't think he's ever really tried to do any actual acting in the past. Who knows? Now that the physique is on the wane, and he's been knocked around in politics, he might have some new dimensions to his personality.

I've always said that Schwarzenegger should try to get a role in an independent film where he actually acts. Look at Burt Reynolds in "Boogie Nights," or Stallone in "Copland." No, it doesn't necessarily translate into box office gold, but so what? He doesn't need the money.


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