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Revised 'King's Speech' comes to theaters April 1

March 24, 2011 |  9:51 am

Colin Firth said he didn't like it, but a new version of "The King's Speech" is heading to theaters just the same.

The Weinstein Co. said this morning that it was releasing a tweaked version of the best-picture winner -- in which a scene featuring Firth's Duke of York swearing has been amended not to include the F-word -- next weekend, April 1.

The company gave the new theater count as 1,000, which would put it roughly at the current tally of 1,249. The studio also said that the R-rated movie won't be shown as of next weekend. So essentially Weinstein is subbing out the old print with the new one.

The movie has actually been doing quite well even in its R-rated guise, grossing about $2 million last weekend. The new release is clearly aimed at the glut of spring-breakers available for moviegoing, though it remains to be seen whether adolescents who haven't already seen the period drama will suddenly start flooding theaters.

The Weinstein Co. is promoting the new cut as a "family film" -- which means that, in the company's eyes, when it comes out next weekend the story of a 1930s monarch rising up against Nazism will be competing squarely against "Hop."

-- Steven Zeitchik



Colin Firth doesn't like new King's Speech cut

MPAA awards PG-13 rating to alternative version of The King's Speech

Photo: "The King's Speech." Credit: The Weinstein Co.


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Have not yet seen the King's Speech. And now I'll wait for the DVD, which hopefully will have the unedited version. While the film does depart from history per reviews, cutting the real language in a movie with the word speech in the title is really ludicrous. Since it's a "family film"(?), now, perhaps they need to add some animation so the kiddies won't find it too boring (history from 70-80 years ago is not likely to grab them).

I have to say I think this whole how many times the f-word was used causing an "R" rating is stupid. I think that the MPAA needs to maybe re-look at their standards. If bad language is used just to be used than ok, I can see if it is excessive, but in the context of this movie, an "R" rating was kind of dumb.

The MPAA really should look more at some of the other parts of movies, like the violence. The sex in movies is again if it is not just there for the smut factor than maybe ease up on that too. Of course just my opinion

I really liked Kings Speech and am hoping more people get to enjoy the film.

They'll need to have the king make some fart jokes if they really want to appeal to the "family movie" crowd. Maybe a couple of pop-culture references to Snooki would help liven up the slow parts. And perhaps the king should get a comic sidekick, like maybe a wise-cracking corgi.

This is a profoundly silly move, but as the old saying goes, it's called show BUSINESS for a reason.

uh, this isn't a move to allow kids to see the film. My conservative mom turns 70 this month. She almost went and saw the movie, but she simply doesn't see films that are rated R. She figured she would just wait until an edited version came on TV.

We don't talk to people we don't agree with in this country anymore so perhaps this comes as a shock but there are a lot of people out there who simply don't approve of swearing. Period. There are a lot of people out there who simply will not consider seeing an R rated movie. Period.

@Curtis: the swearing in this movie is USED as a therapy to help the King work through his speech blocks. If your mother is so dead-set against hearing those words that she would spontaneously combust at the very sound of them, then this just isn't the movie for her. Why should we dumb down a movie for the people who refuse to accept that such words ARE actually used occasionally? It's patently ridiculous.

@Phil Wheeler: You can still see the R-rated version. I understand that both will be playing in theaters for a while.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.....

It was a stupid reason for an an "R" rating and it's a stupid response by The Weinstein Co.

I can understand the logic behind having an alternative version, especially for those people who don't like swearing, but the whole point of THAT major scene is to show Bertie doing something that he was taught NOT to do; or rather taught not to do outside of the family circle.

I have seen the movie 6 times (I LOVE it) and I cannot help but have a good laugh each time and I believe that altering this scene will make it stale and laughable.

I do hope that the Weinstein Company know what they are doing and don't end up the butt of jokes from within the industry.

This is a huge blow for the film. I never agreed to rating the film R-rated because of a few F-bombs, and now to get rid of a pivotal scene to satisfy the MPAA is disgusting.

I saw a preview for Russell Brand's Arthur and there's a scene which looks like an orgy about to happen, but the film garners a PG-13 rating?

Just stupid logic.

Absolutely ridiculous! Let's just dumb down everything that is presented to us as entertainment. Of course, let's remember to keep the "potty" jokes and the gross visuals that permeate the "PG" genre. Just another nail in America's coffin.

This is CRAP it shouldn't have been removed! It's funny because when Geoffrey Rush asks him if he knows the F-word, Colin says F-F-Fornication...lol obviously leading to the actual word. And I just don't see how they're going to change the scene where Geoffrey mouths the word to him while he is giving the speech. Also as if the kids in the "Family" this film is getting changed for don't already know the word. Either way I'm glad my cousin got me the F-word version from who knows where.


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