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Bradley Cooper: I'm worried about the 'Hangover' sequel too

March 15, 2011 |  8:31 pm

With studio comedies one of the more inconsistent genres these days (quick, name a great one from the last year), fans could be forgiven for worrying whether "The Hangover Part II" will measure up to the original. After all, with its R-rated outrageousness and mysterio-comedy conceit, Todd Phillips' 2009 film became a pop-cultural sensation and minted a few new stars to boot.

But if moviegoers are a little concerned about the Memorial Day follow-up, they might be interested to know one of the franchise's stars is also anxious. "As we inch closer to release, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trepidatious," Bradley Cooper told 24 Frames, referring to the sequel's commercial prospects. "The Hangover Part II" will have its work cut out for it as it tries to top, among other things, the $277 million in domestic box office of "The Hangover."

Cooper, who stars in this weekend's "Limitless," did go on to check off the reasons he felt the new movie -- which centers on the group's trip to Thailand for the wedding of Ed Helms' character, Stu -- merited all the accolades showered on the first film, and then some. It wasn't quite a Mark Messier-like guarantee, but he offered more than a few reasons why he thought Phillips and the cast (which also includes Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis and Mike Tyson) outdid themselves.

"The script was better than the first one. The scope is larger. [Shooting it] went smoother than it did the first time in terms of letting spontaneous moments happen," Cooper said. "And Bangkok is like Vegas on steroids."

--Steven Zeitchik



Ed Helms says don't expect a 'Hangover 3'

Photo: "The Hangover Part II." Credit: Warner Bros.

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Naming a great comedy from last year is easy, eh? Easy A. Stanley Tucci had the single funniest line all year in that film.

Sequels, invariably and unfortunately, usually stink. I pray for the day when studios actually come up with a smash hit movie, and subsequently don't run the concept into the ground trying to wring every last penny out of it (quality be damned).

Bradley Cooper is a studio plant, a la Shia LaBeouf, Adrien Brody or Seth Rogen. The faces nepotistic executives want to see in leading roles differ greatly from those in my vision.

Huh. If I was cynical I'd say this article was publicity posing as news. And of course it's neither. And they wonder why newspapers are going out of business.

I'm sorry, but I never thought the first Hangover was all that funny...

He should be worried, he's not funny. Truly, the king of the I got lucky club.


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