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'Captain America' begins to exact his revenge [trailer]

March 23, 2011 |  8:33 pm

The full "Captain America: The First Avenger" trailer hit the Web today. And while it only fleshes out a little more of the summer movie's backstory — Chris Evan's Steve Rogers is the puny victim who joins the army for reasons of toughness, before becoming the super soldier of the title — there's still enough to keep the buzz above the "Green Lantern" line.

The Marvel film has an unusual challenge: it has to satisfy the modern appetite for superhero movies while staying true to the 1940's setting and all we're conditioned to know about it.  So far it seems to be dancing the line.

The World War II vibe here is considerably more straight-laced than the last time we saw it in a summer movie, in "Inglourious Basterds." But the Joe Johnston film still manages to convey a sense of rise-of-Hitler importance without skimping on the flashy weaponry, origin story and mysterious villains now common to Marvel movies. (There's also a notable absence of American flags and other jingoism, no doubt a function of the movie's need to travel.)

Comics die-hards may parse each frame for details, but basically the trailer doesn't offer much more than a man becoming a soldier to fight Nazis and other enemies. It does provide the opportunity to watch Tommy Lee Jones bark orders to troops "Fugitive"-style. And the ever-versatile Stanley Tucci gets his Erskine on, even getting off perhaps the first antibiotics joke in the history of summer tent poles.

— Steven Zeitchik



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WOW! I was so thrilled with the teaser and now the trailer brings me almost 5 times more joy, altough red skull remains just a glimpse in the trailer as well, thanks! featured on our website http://www.officialhype.org/2011/03/video-captain-america-full-trailer.html

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so gay!

It looked OK until Captain America came through the door with the other soldiers and was firing a pop gun. From there it went downhill for me.

I loved it! This trailer got me excited to see the movie. Also, I think Chris Evans looks fine as scrawny Steve Rogers. I’ve seen a few guys with the same proportions so it’s pretty spot on.

Looks great. Have high hopes for this and X-Men

What does this tell us about Green Lantern? Despite being released a month before Cap, we still have yet to see a second trailer since that November debacle. What's the story? Does Warners think they have a bomb on their hands and are keeping it hidden away for as long as possible, or are the CG animators slavishly working away to wow us with the new and improved effects for the next trailer and release of the film....I serious hope the latter is the case.

The Captain will be the top comic book movie of the summer.

Thor and The Green Lantern have lost the game before it even started.



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