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Oscars: Natalie Portman on pregnancy, baby names and life changes (and her movie)

February 27, 2011 |  9:52 pm

Natalie Natalie Portman may have just won her first Oscar, but most reporters who had the chance to interview her had one subject on their minds: her pregnancy.

Journalists lobbed numerous questions at the "Black Swan" actress about said life change when she came backstage after her lead actress win.

One reporter started out by asking if she and fiance Benjamin Millipied would name their baby Oscar. "That's probably — definitely — out of the question," Portman responded.

Then, to "what was the baby doing during the show?" the actress said, "The baby was definitely kicking during the song portion of the show. A little dancer."

And on how her imminent motherhood might change the roles she'd take, Portman said, "I have no idea. One of the exciting things about becoming pregnant is that I'm expecting a complete unknown, a complete miracle."

Portman did make the rare move of interpreting her film, particularly its (spoiler alert) ambiguous ending, in which Portman's Nina Sayers appears to kill herself.

"I don't necessarily see it as a death at the end as many people do," she said. "I really see it as this young woman's coming of age that she becomes a woman. She starts out a girl and becomes a woman by killing the child version of herself."

— Steven Zeitchik



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Photo: Natalie Portman. Credit: Associated Press.

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Uh, thanks ... I think you just ruined the ending of the movie for me...

A classy lady and nice person. No over sized ego here. Well deserved Oscar.

It was thoughtful of her to acknowledge Luc Besson as he was the one who put her on the map. But she showed talent there and I knew from her acting that this was her real calling.

I don't think Natalie Portman is a good actress. She is very stiff and I think politics were very much a part of her nomination, and her subsequent win.

I agree with NP's interpretation of the last scene of Black Swan. And I think she is a brilliant actor. I loved the film, and I do acknowledge that it is a bit on the dark side, sort of like a Grimm Fairy Tale can be. But I could see it becoming a classic in years to come. NP is an actor who as an amazing depth and sophistication. A well deserved Oscar in my opinion.

Another great pride for the Jewish people

Lisa, it did say (spoiler alert) so if you chose to continue to read then you spoiled the ending for yourself, you were given fair warning.

And Martin, you're entitled to your opinion but if you don't think she's a good actress then you really have no idea what a good actress is.

She's a brilliant actress, she was brilliant as an 11 year old and like a really great wine has just gotten better as the years have gone by.


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