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Will Kristen Stewart make a good Snow White?

February 2, 2011 |  8:28 pm

Her hair is often black as ebony, so at least she's got that part down.

Whether Kristen Stewart will make a good Snow White in other ways is an open question.

A week's worth of reports that Stewart would take on the role of the fairy-tale princess came to a head today with a story that Stewart is now officially in negotiations to play the title female character in "Snow White and the Huntsman."

The movie is one of three new twists on the fairy tale that Hollywood is developing, this one with commercials director Rupert Sanders. (Charlize Theron will play the evil queen and Viggo Mortensen the huntsman, who takes Snow White under his wing.)

The hallmarks of the character, at least in the Brothers Grimm telling, is softness and vulnerability. Stewart has done vulnerability -- sort of -- in parts of the "Twilight" franchise. But her defining characteristic  has been toughness. Certainly that's been a part of the non-"Twilight" roles she's tackled, as hard-living rocker Joan Jett in "The Runaways" and as a troubled stripper in "Welcome to the Rileys." Will her Goth aspects mesh with the softness of a princess?

In a way, the Stewart casting evokes a reversal of the Rooney Mara-Dragon Tattoo problem. There people were asking if an actress was too soft for the part; here you could ask if she's too tough for it.

The new Snow White does reimagine the character as someone chained to the huntsman instead of set free by him, and, consequently, someone who must learn to fight her way out of trouble. Let's hope, for K-Stew's sake and ours, that means the part calls for more grit than it does soft smiles.

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Kristen Stewart in 'Welcome to the Rileys.' Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films


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KStew is a decent actress when she's not pinking over a sparkly vampire or teen wolf. Viggo Mortensen will always get my money. This sounds like something young girls need to see. We are in a society that teaches them to be weak and secondary to boys. Snow White liberating herself is a nice change.

The answer is, not if she's made up to look like a heroin addict, as in your thoughtfully chosen photo. Why the eagerness to typecast her?

I don't know what Twilight films you've been watching - but there is nothing about her character Bella that's tough at all. Bella is soft and weak (too soft and weak to be interesting, IMO). My concern is that the one thread her characters share isn't toughness - it's that they always seem miserable.

yes!! she would make such an amazing snow white

Yes, she will! A perfect Snow White!!

I love Snow White, one of my favourite childhood stories. Will be very interesting to see a modern movie version. I think Kristen is a great choice, very pretty girl and i dare say she wants to pick different roles, isnt she still a teenager? Can you really say she is any one thing at such a young age? Im SO happy they are not going with one of teh Disney acresses like Miley or Selina. I just cannot take them seriously as actresses.

Viggo and Charize wil be fantastic.

The answer is yes, she will.

no! she would suck! they should have casted SELENA GOMEZ!
i refuse to see her stinken movie!


Have you see her in The Cake Eaters, Adventureland and Speak?

I will not ask you about Into The wild or In The Land of Woman and Yellow handkerchief, because in these ones or she was in a little but significant part or she was in a support hole.

In The Cake Eaters, Adventureland and Speak, plus the ones you cited above, she showed us that she has a hange to do any kind of soft or tough parts!

So... If you get her parts in these movies plus her part in the horror movie The Messengers, you see that she already played all kind of girls and showed every range of emotions!

The only part, that we still didn't see her, is in a comedy! Although, she is so rapid and sometimes sarcastic in her answers and jokes that I think she would be fantastic in a English type of comedy, if you know what I mean.

Zaets! Nu pogodi! Kristen will be absolutely perfect for this role.

No. Horrible choice. Her acting is painful to watch. And yes, I've seen Cake Eaters. A lot of walking on the side of her foot and stuttering with a few blank looks thrown in with her usual angry ones. So basically, it's just Kristen Stewart walking on the side of her foot. With Twilight it was just Kristen Stewart with brown contacts. The Runaways was KS with a crappy haircut. The girl can't act, no matter what people who've worked with her (who are not really complimenting her as much as they are talking up a project that THEY are connected to) might say. I don't look to others to tell me what to think. I can judge on my own.

I don't know how I feel about Kristen Stewart as Snow White. But I LOVE Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen!! Definitely looking forward to that!

As long as she has a directer who can get her to shut her mouth in between her lines she might do alright.

Yes, she will make an amazing Snow White.
Yes, Kristen CAN act.
And yes, I understand that people who've only seen "Twilight", "New Moon" or "Eclipse" think she isn't talented, because the only thing she has to do there is blink her eyes and trip over her own feet.
I'm a big fan of Kristen, and I for a matter of fact know that she's talented. She totally rocked the Runaways, and she was awesome in 'Speak' and 'The Cake Eaters.'
As Lucy already said, I also refuse to take Selena or Miley as serious actresses now.
Kristen has the looks plus she's talented.
Get over it.

No. Terrible casting decision. They should cast someone like Felicity Jones or an unknown who doesn't come with baggage. In her case, twilight baggage.

Also, they should cast someone who can actually act.

No, I do not think Kristen should play as Snow White, all she does is stutter in every movie. And no expression at all. Nothing but a freakin blank look on her face. Any one else but her please!!

This girl is phenomenal and can do anything. HW doesn't need to stereotype her because she is NOT the hum drum HW starlet dull and mindless type.

Oh, Hell No! I can't stand to watch Kristen Stewart. She has a perpetual frown. There's nothing soft and sweet about her at all. She is so overdone. Please find someone who can act too.

I want to throw up. Girl can not act.What age did she start?


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