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First Look: With 'A Better Life,' Chris Weitz moves beyond 'Twilight' [Video]

February 24, 2011 |  5:00 am

It's part of Los Angeles that's right in front of our eyes and yet totally unseen: the plight of migrant labor, particularly gardeners. 

"A Better Life," opening June 24 from Summit Entertainment, has been in development for years, but came together quickly when writer Eric Eason ("A Journey to the End of Night") joined forces with director Chris Weitz ("The Twilight Saga: New Moon").

The film looks at the relationship between illegal immigrant Carlos Galindo (Mexican actor Demián Bichir)  and his teenage son, Luis (José Julián). When Carlos’ truck is stolen, the father is powerless to turn to law enforcement, but the crisis brings him closer to his potentially wayward son. Weitz shot the film in about 70 Southern California locations, employing any number of Latino crew members for a movie that contains a significant amount of Spanish dialogue.“It’s a story about a Mexican immigrant,” Weitz says, “a very hard-working man, and the threats to his livelihood and his life.”

--John Horn


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The issue often overlooked is the divide and rule tactics used by business ,banks and so called leaders with a Global agenda. The mega-rich self promoting greedy people wish to keep their ill gotten goods and hold the masses down.
The enemy is not the person behind you in the fast food line.

Wow, this looks amazing. Very moving and it tells a story that is probably very common right near Hollywood.

Another bleeding heart movie about illegals, which tries to make people feel sorry for individuals who break our laws and steal our tax dollars. It looks to me, like it's a movie about karma. One criminal, suffers from the criminal act of someone else. That's what Earl was preaching about.

looks interesting and something totally different


Id love to see that movie because I thought chris weitz did a great job with "new moon" and I'm a big fan of his work and the twilight saga movies/books.. it sounds interesting and I can't wait to see it!!

It worths to see the story told by such a team.

Jay, to be blind, do not mean to live properly. The Americans do mess with all other countryes laws and still no consecuences for them. (exampl: Iraq, Kosovo, ...) So sometimes movies represent the real life not just a fiction, try to understand it if you can.

yet another movie promoting hollywood's liberal agenda.
They'll probably paint the US as the "bad guy" for enforcing immigration law.
But then again, this is the same industry that glorifies criminals all the time.

pnut: With respect; quite the contrary. I think we made the film to represent fairly the beliefs and responsibilities of real people on all sides of the issue. I hope that you will consider seeing it despite your distaste for Hollywood. Yours, Chris Weitz.

I'm looking forward to this movie more than any other this year just based on the subject matter.

People who are ignorant will always love their "American way of life" despite the countless numbers of illegal immigrants who helped build America even if meant killing native Americans, enslaving Africans, and wilfully discriminating against non-whites.

I think this movie is great! It's real sad that most hollywood movies portray all illegals as ganster criminals. But there are ppl like this in this country, who come here for a better life! I know, because my mother was/is one of those ppl! She came her, worked as a waitress from the age of 15 and finally started her own business which she works her butt off till now at 48! She's now an american citizen and thanks to her Im the hardworking-child of an immigrant who went to college and is probably the "good" nurse that takes care of your sick child when you bring them in the ER! Think of that while you critize and think who's really the ignorant person!


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