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Danny Boyle: I have no idea what James Franco will be up to at the Oscars [video]

February 27, 2011 | 11:00 am

Danny Boyle spent months working intimately with James Franco during production of "127 Hours," so they should know each other pretty well.

But when it comes to Franco's hosting gig during the Academy Awards on Sunday, Boyle said he's as unsure as the rest of us about how the quirky actor will pull it off.

"He'll be a surprise. He'll be unpredicatble. Maybe he'll bring out all his class along from college or something, I don't know what he'll do," Boyle said, chuckling at the possibilities.

The filmmaker, along with "127 Hours" screenwriter Simon Beaufoy and the film's real-life analog Aron Ralston, were at the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. And while it's been a long award season, Ralston -- who famously cut off his arm to escape from a canyon where he was trapped -- said he's not ready for it to end.

"It's almost this nostalgia already. These guys in the industry," he said, looking at Boyle and Beaufoy, "you get to go on to your next projects -- your next writing and directing. So it's kind of like [for me,]  'Well, this is it.' So I'm gonna miss you guys."

Boyle, who was on the award trail just two years ago for "Slumdog Millionaire," seemed ... less upset about the fanfare coming to an end.

"It's a funny business, but you do end up meeting again," he said. "It's weird. You kind of separate for years on things and then come back somehow."

-- Amy Kaufman


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