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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to acting, perhaps with these projects

February 11, 2011 |  3:35 pm


He’ll be back: Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sent out a Twitter message Thursday saying he’s ready to start acting again (no jokes about his performance in Sacramento, please). "Exciting news,” Schwarzenegger tweeted. “My friends at CAA have been asking me for 7 years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.” His camp isn’t saying what roles he might be considering.

But given how obsessed Hollywood is with sequels, remakes and comic-book and board game adaptations, we have to assume some of the following roles might be on the table:

“The King’s Speech II”: The newly elected president of Austria (Schwarzenegger) is forced to appear on television to calm the nation after a terrorist attack. Unfortunately, he’s forgotten how to speak German, and the populace can’t understand his heavily accented English. The president’s wife (Jennifer Aniston) summons an unorthodox speech therapist (comedian Gilbert Gottfried) to perform some Henry Higgins magic.

“The Lifter”: Based on parts of “The Wrestler” and “The Fighter,” an over-the-hill weightlifter (Schwarzenegger) has one more chance at redemption and sets his sights on an Olympic gold medal. He can still manage the snatch, but the clean-and-jerk proves elusive until the lifter’s mother (Melissa Leo, wearing a latex mask to make her look older) and his daughter (Marisa Tomei) travel to London to cheer him on.

“Scrabble”: Adapted from the popular board game, the movie unfolds in a futuristic world in which only contestants who can play all seven tiles from a letter rack that holds STOHREE (there is at least one winning word!) are allowed to live past age 65. One man (Schwarzenegger) approaching that fatal age attempts to change the rules through a ballot initiative only to have the winning proposition overturned by a group of activist judges (secretly controlled by the computers in “The Matrix”).

“The Man With the Dragon Tattoo”: Based on the recently discovered fourth book in novelist Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (Quartet?), this crime thriller follows a magazine writer (Daniel Craig), a bisexual computer hacker (Rooney Mara) and a heavily tattooed chess wizard  (Schwarzenegger) whose rook might contain miniature negatives of incriminating photographs of a corrupt elected official (Eliot Spitzer). If the trio doesn’t succeed using the Ruy Lopez opening to beat a Russian grandmaster, the rook—and the crooked official—may slip out of their reach.

 — John Horn  

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Credit: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times.


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Maybe he could do a couple of movies and give the proceeds back to California after he caused the state to go BANKRUPT.

We here in California are so very happy Arnold is returning to making movies. We could not take anymore of him being Governor, we had more than we could stand. He nearly cut our health care benefits out completely. And California will be known as the "NO SMILE" state because Arnold cut out ALL Dential services for ages 1 to 100. WHEW, so we say say Arnold, yes please go back to making movies, you made a cartoon out of us. Isk $ Tsk Youyousova

How about a movie where Ole "Grape Nuts" commutes the criminal sentence of the son of a crony. Nah, that would be despicable and cowardly, people would hate it. Box office flop for sure.

This is a good thing for California. Arnold has wrecked our health care program completely. Our citizens will probably never smile again, due to the disbandment of our dental program for ages 1 through 100. Our state is in disrepair, but perhaps with Arnold's departure, we can climb out of this hole of SHAME Isk & Tsk Youyousova

Worst governor in history! I won't spend a dime on any of his movies.

lets see, how did he get to be governor ?
oh yeah, the guy before him was re-called, why ? cause the state was broke.
He couldn't change anything why ? cause he had to work with democrats that the people voted in. The problem is not with ahhnold, the problem is the people of california. So we the people have what we asked for, in california
welcome to the jungle!!

Arnold NEVER left acting. In his role as a political actor as governor, he stole from the poor and gave to the rich and protected the wealth barons from taxation while forcing the poor to loose social services and safety nets. The middle and working class lost jobs and living wages. In one scene the California government never recouped the stolen Enron money!

The army that protected him were ignorant voters who liked his foreign accent and believed what they were told by the Princes of manipulation and spin. The sheeple who believed his every con numbed their pain by going to the village markets and arena sports which pitted man against man in savage battle. Drink was cheap and the population induldged in frivolous activity while the governor and money barons took earnings from both sides of the payout - they collected high taxes and owned the services people considered essential for life and sanity.

At the end of his reign his subjects were weary and down trodden, but still confused about how their plight might change and who would be their golden knight in shining armour. Alas, they found a majic tool for their answers, and called it a mirror.

How about the Ex-Terminator, taking on his biggest challenge - getting rid of the gone for so long and now back bed bugs?

Here's some movie opportunities for Arnold:

-The Bourne Liar
-The Aviator (private jetting around the world)
-One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in a Private Jet-
-Naked Lies 22 1/2: The Smell of Farce
-Citizen Insane

What do you mean "returns to acting"? He never stopped acting, as bad an actor as he is. Only in California, except for Minnesota, do we elect moron celebrities as Governors and then wonder why the State is falling apart. Maybe the next Governor of Califonira will be a woman, Governor Lindsey Lohan.

Wasn't he just an 'ACTING' Governor? Only memorable event was pardoning a felon...which shows, he was/is in it for the M-O-N-E-Y! No, won't waste ours on this goobernator.

Arnold's ready to start acting, AGAIN...what's with that?

He just acted his way through a disastrous role as California's clueless governor.

And doesn't he have enough fame and wealth to warrant doing something else besides wasting his and our time with another turn in the movies?

Returning? Re-Turning ??? Hell, he never left. He masqueraded as a governor for the last four years, as an incompetent babboon, increasing the state deficit and pandering to the union bosses, just as Brown will do for the next two years...
What a joke.
Any of you fools spend a dime on this guy should be in the same suitcase...

WOW!!!! When the truth gets in your face and slaps you, its embarrassing. Maybe we Californians thought it would be "sexy" or "cool" to have "ahhnold" (thanks for that Mike) as our governor. But our last entry to this subject is simply, we were so wrong. So now, we move on and try to help "dear ole Jerry"........I sort of remember Jerry making a mess of California the last time he was in office, hmmm , one might say, we Californians must ride the short bus (this bus transports slow learners to and from school). There must be a bright side to this, you think? Isk & Tsk Youyousova

Maybe he can do "From Kenya with Love", where he'll play your average "do anything to get ahead" Chicago politician who somehow manages to hoodwink the Establishment into thinking he's transcendent, and in no time he's got all the newspapers (including the LATimes) singing him praises and constantly attacking anyone who disagrees with him, on his road to the White House?

A-plus reviews from The LATimes and Roger Ebert, no doubt.

lol..come on?I don't think Schwarzenegger will return to make any of these supposed films that L.A. Times brought up here(all de respect).Schwarzenegger will probably want to go all out and do an action role.Not do a petty little skit that no one will want to go see.Just the thought of him sitting around a Scrabble table or a Chess table for 55 min. of the movie, will make everyone fall asleep!His return to the big screen will,to my hopes,be a notable one.I think he'll get together again with Stallone to reprise his role in the Expendables!!Just wait and see,I don't think he'll do any grandpa roles untill he lives old enough and is in a wheel chair!


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