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Nicolas Cage: Hair-raising performances from 'Peggy Sue Got Married' to 'Season of the Witch'

January 5, 2011 |  4:56 pm


Over the course of a freewheeling filmography that spans nearly 70 titles, Nicolas Cage has shown himself capable of astonishing range. He's delivered Oscar-caliber acting but also oddball affectations and scene-stealing surrealism.

Pretty much the same can be said of Cage's hair.

NicThanks to his love of cutting-edge grooming, extensive use of extreme wigs, bizarro manscaping and distracting dye jobs, the 46-year-old actor -- who it should be noted is himself, ahem, follicularly challenged -- has time and again conjured characterization through coiffure.

Cage's latest movie, the fantasy-thriller "Season of the Witch," arrives in theaters Friday. Click the gallery at right for a rundown of Cage’s greatest hair hits and worst comb-overs.

-- Chris Lee

Photo, top: Nicolas Cage in "Season of the Witch." Credit: Egon Endrenyi / Relativity Media

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I seem to recall hearing something about being able to know beforehand if a Cage movie was any good by the length of his character's hair.

Apparently, the longer the hair, the more awful the movie.

I plan to stay FAR away from this one.

Cage is hilarious in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, itself a satire on police procedurals. He really immerses himself in a role until all the loose ends and craziness come oozing out. One of our most Gonzo actors!

If you're up for a little public service, how about an article revealing where or
even IF a man can buy a really top-of-the-line quality hairpiece in this town!

It would seem as though he wears his real, actual hair in Kick-Ass because it's thin, sparse and gray. I noticed and appreciated that. And his performance was tolerable. Thanks Nic.


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