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'Black Swan,' by way of the Black List

January 14, 2011 |  7:57 pm

Last month we told you about the Black List, the group of scripts that Hollywood deems hot. (The winner of last year's poll, "The Beaver," is coming to theaters this spring courtesy of Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.)

Now the man who had the hottest of them all in 2010 has something new that could one day make its way to the multiplex. Wes Jones, who drew the most votes as the author of the Karl Rove movie "College Republicans," has been circulating a treatment for a new idea.

Called "The Epic of Troy Knight," it's one of the more unusual hybrids out there. According to two people who've heard the pitch, it's about a man seeking his love in a fantasy-world New York that's been plunged into a blackout — all while he's looked after by a set of "Clash of the Titans"-esque rulers who play chess with the universe. One person familiar with the pitch described it as a "fantasy-comedy-existential romance."

And you thought "Black Swan" was an unusual genre combination.

— Steven Zeitchik


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