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Andrew Garfield as tortured 'Spider-Man'? [image]

January 13, 2011 |  1:00 pm

SpiderIt must be the week for first images. After Rooney Mara threw us with her new punked-up look ("Rooney Mara, showing more than dragon tattoos"), Andrew Garfield shows us what he looks like in character and in costume with this first image of him as Spider-Man, in Marc Webb's new take on the superhero.

It's dicey to read too much into one image, but there's something unmistakably shoegazing about the image -- perhaps because he actually seems to be gazing at his shoes -- and even a little anti-heroic.

Which would fit with some of what's been rumored about the new character and Garfield's own approach to keep things smaller and more, well, human.

At the Los Angeles Times' Young Hollywood panel, for instance, Garfield told my colleague Amy Kaufman that despite the larger-than-life quality to the role, "I'm just gonna still approach it like I’m doing a short film of 'Spider-Man' that my friend is directing."

-- Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Andrew Garfield in "Spider-Man." Credit: Sony Pictures


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What exactly was it about Tobey Maguire's performance that was "bigger" or "less human"?


Appears that this round of Spiderman movies will be about Spiderman being bullied. Is this going to be one of those movie that feels like a two and a half hour PSA preaching that bullying is bad? Who says movies aren't political. I have my three non political Spiderman movies. I'll save my money and time on this revamp.

Peter Parker got bullied in high school. That is canon straight from the 1960s comic book. Flash Thompson and his goons picked on Peter incessantly, and way worse than was depicted in the 2002 movie. Peter got his comeuppance after he became Spider-Man, but Flash was still a jerk to him for years until they eventually became really good friends.

But can you expect all superheroes to always be in a heroic mood? Every superhero has doubts about their ability to be heroes, even the great Superman. Besides, Peter Parker is only human (even though he has superpowers). As for the costume, I'm a little clueless as to what the designer was thinking.


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