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Russell Crowe mounts a one-man sequel campaign

December 6, 2010 |  7:46 pm

Russell Crowe is at it again.

No, not telling newspaper reporters he doesn't believe what's written in newspapers. The Aussie actor is trying to foment a different kind of revolution, this time by starting a Twitter campaign for a new "Master and Commander" film.

"If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts," Crowe tweeted, referring to the studio head.

Crowe actually has a point -- there are more Patrick O'Brian books where Peter Weir's original came from. (The author wrote 20 in all.) And the first nautical adventure, while only a modest performer in the U.S., was a global hit, with more than $200 million in receipts when it came out seven years ago.

Of course, there's no indication that there's any development momentum whatsoever on a new film based on O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series (which follows the adventures of two naval officers during the Napoleonic Wars). And it's hard to see this as something other than Crowe trying to get back to his salad days after a string of flops.

Studios know that nautical movies are knotty and expensive propositions, which is why a Fox spokesman tweeted back that there was nothing happening right now. "Getting a lot of tweets about Master & Commander sequel, I'll look into it (I'd love one, too, but as you all know a LOT goes into it.)"

So no new "Master and Commander" for now -- although Twitter campaigns from A-list actors aimed at studio heads are almost as interesting a plot turn as anything in the stories of the ship-bound themselves.

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: "Master and Commander." Credit: 20th Century Fox


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You know what, Mr. Zeitchik, you're wrong but I am not surprised. Crowe didn't just post that tweet on a whim to get his fans to ask for a sequel. What he was doing was responding to numerous tweets from his followers over the period of time he has been on Twitter. He's often told how much people love Master and Commander and that they would love to see a sequel. Crowe will occasionally post a general tweet on his stream to reply to a question or comment that has been tweeted to him several times.

So, you went to Twitter to look at this tweet but didn't read any of Crowe's stream from his followers. Instead, you assumed that out of the blue he asked his fans to write Rothman for a sequel and you glean from this that he's jonesing for his salad days.

And you wonder why Crowe doesn't trust journos.

This is one of the most under-rated movies of all time. A great film overall.

Master & Commander is a masterful and brilliant seafaring epic adventure directed by Peter Weir. Russell Crowe was definitely born to play Captain Jack Aubrey. And Paul Bettany is equally mesmerizing as Jack's sidekick, dr. Steven Maturin. Please GOD, let this one be a reality. So looking forward to a sequel soon. C'mon film studio execs, make it happen! There are lots of movie fans out there who adore classic tales like this, not just movies with CGI showdown. There are 19 more brilliant stories of the Aubrey and Maturin adventures on the shelf waiting for the magic touch of movie directors to capture them into the big screen.

I am all for this!!!! yes to another Master and Commander movie!!

"Charlie" is right. No wonder Crowe doesn't trust journos. It's true he's received numerous questions on Twitter about a possible Master & Commander sequel and anyone's who's read more than just a few tweets would know that.

However, it is not a one-man campaign. Many Crowe fans and M & C fans in general would love to see it happen.

There's now a Facebook page supporting it at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Master-and-Commander-Sequel/108812229192044

and a new Twitter page for it as well: @MandC2

Hopefully, Fox will make it happen.

Mr. Zeichik,

I loved the first Master and Commander and have been wanting a sequel for some time. I have even spoken with one of the cast members, Billy Boyd , about it. I would tell you wahat he told me --but don't need him to be misquoted.

I can tell you I am not the only person who has been asking Mr. Crowe on his twitter account about a sequel.

He was responding to numerous questions on twitter about it.

I find it to be irresponsible journalism-- when someone automatically assumes that Russell Crowe is starting his own campaign concerning Master and Commander.

There are other things he is actively campaigning for-- and he states so. This is not it.

I personally led a campaign to return Philip Anglim to a role on Star Trek : Deep Space Nine --years ago-- and he did not ask us to do this. He was aware of us--but he was not leading it. We were successful by the way.

This is the second time you have written recently about Crowe which hardly masquerades your own personal antipathy for him.

I expect more from a respected journalist. No wonder Crowe has openly had issues with some journists.

Gayle-Lynne Gordon.

Crowe was responding to tweets from fans about the possibility of a sequel for Master and Commander. However, he should have been more realistic with his fans before sending them off on what is most likely a futile effort. Master and Commander was a terrific film, but it cost $150 million to make and only garnered $212 million in theatrical earnings worldwide. For studios these days looking at the bottom line, that does not bode well for a sequel. Neither does the rather dismal box office results for Crowe's latest film, The Next Three Days.

I think Mr. Zeitchik is simply stating the facts about the prospects of a new film from the wonderful Patrick O'Brian series, painful though they may be for fans of Crowe and of Master and Commander.

I think fan campaigns are wonderful but are usually futile - the Browncoats angled for more "Firefly" and ended up with "Serenity."

I would love to chat with Ms. Gordan about the Friends of Vedek Bareil, which seems like an interesting time in DS9 fan history - do drop me a line if you are reading this!

Maybe I'll try watching it again. I kept it in my DVR for a while, and tried watching it a few times, but turned it off each time because it's so slow in the beginning.

As for Russell Crowe's tweet, even if he is responding to fan questions about a sequel, he is lending his endorsement to it by directing his fans to email the head of the studio. That is his "subtle" way of campaigning for it.

I disagree with Susan-- the following quote from the article above states:

"Russell Crowe is at it again. No, not telling newspaper reporters he doesn't believe what's written in newspapers. The Aussie actor is trying to forment a different kind of revolution, this time by starting a Twitter campaign for a new "Master and Commander" film.

"If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts," Crowe tweeted, referring to the studio head."

This quote speaks for itself: it is not merely a simple statement of the facts of the cost of a sequel ,or the studio's bottom line. It also implies something else.

Mr.Zeitchik has already displayed his antipathy towards Crowe in his previous article about the "Next Three Days." (By the way it is unfortunate the film did not fare so well at the box office-- because it is a excellent film.)

Bottom line , Russell was Not and is not starting, directing ,or controlling a twitter campaign. Such a campaign is the brain child of the fans of the films.

Truthfully and realistically , twitter by itself is not the only way one needs to approach this request for a sequel.

Along with Mr. Zeitchik, Susan is implying that Crowe is sending the fans off to the write the studios. Crowe simply tweeted that if people want a sequel they need to contact Mr. Rothman. Crowe is not being unrealistic. He is Not the person who could greenlight a sequel -- the folks at Fox could.

I am not unrealistic when it comes to costs to produce a sequel, neither am I unaware that Russell's recent films have not fared so well in box office. However he still makes good to excellent films with good to strong performances.

You never know what could happen. If not

in the near future -- it could happen still. And at least the audience for this type of film will have its voice heard.

The Vedek Bariel campaign for Philip Anglim's character on Deep Space Nine ,which I mentioned in my previous post , took

2 1/2 years of campaigning until we saw him return on the series. Different modalities were used in the campaign. More then one outlet was involved.

During that time we had been told neither the character in any incarnation -- nor the actor --would ever return. We were told it was unrealistic to even try. There were specific real attempts to stop the campaign as it intensified.

In the end the producers spent alot of money to produce the episode which was most likely the result of our tenacity; and perhaps for other reasons. The episode was aptly titled "Resurrection." Though the character was abit different from the origional-- we still had that character and Mr.Anglim. And the campaign had given a sense of Hope.

Gayle-Lynne Gordon

I own few movies, but Master and Commander is one of them. It was technically accurate except for some picayune observations.
Surely the experience curve will help with expenses and the global receipts should make a sequel another financial success.

Master & Commander is one of my Desert Island Top 5 all-time films. A sequel would be rad balls!!

Given Ms. Gordon's specific reference to my comment, I would like to statement my disagreement with this statement in her initial comment:

"I find it to be irresponsible journalism-- when someone automatically assumes that Russell Crowe is starting his own campaign concerning Master and Commander. "

I don't find the assumption a matter of irresponsible journalism at all. Those of us who have closely followed Crowe on Twitter and read the stream of tweets to him from his followers would be aware that there have been a number of questions from fans about a sequel to Master and Commander. There have also been questions about a possible sequel to Robin Hood.

Crowe's tweet was not in response to a specific question or person, so someone who had not been following the stream of tweets to him over a period of months would not be aware that it was intended as a reply. In order to find out that it was a reply, one would have to wade through hundreds of cringe-inducing expressions of adulation and sycophancy to find the scattered questions about Master and Commander. Even for the most devoted journalist, that would have been above and beyond the call of duty.

Consequently, in my opinion, the attacks on Mr. Zeitchik in the regard by some of the commenters here are unwarranted.

I have been a HUGE Patrick O'Brian fan for years. I've always felt that the reason they combined 'Master and Commander' and 'The far side of the World' is that, unlike the other 'Aubrey-Maturin' books, these two novels were the only ones that featured only 2 ships. Not wishing to see an entire screen of CGI images of 19th century ships, it would indeed e incredibly expensive to use real ships such as the 'Surprise' in any quantity. The realism of image and sound as presented in Master and Commander, would be a shame to lose.

Eric in Seattle

Master and Commander was a great movie. A sequel would be perfect. The fans want it !!!!!!!!!!!

Susan-- I do not consider my comment a personal attack on Mr.Zeitchik. I could understand it if the information was released by Mr. Crowe's publicist; such as a announcement story or media alert.

I could understand it if a newsworthy event was occurring-- but I would presume Mr. Zeitchik is a busy journalist who has deadlines. So spending time getting his information from twitter and quoting from it--about a particular celebrity seems irresponsbile to me. I do not understand why Crowe's twitter feed would be of any importance to Zeitchick. Why waste time to read through any tweets?

I heard this journalist commenting on the radio just the other day-- about the awards season. This season , and time of year, would be very busy for entertainment journalists.

My real concern about Mr, Zeitchik are his unnecessary comments made about Mr. Crowe. It used to be that the press reported the news in a impartial manner.

Is this impartial? And I quote : " Crowe is at it again.

No, not telling newspaper reporters he doesn't believe what's written in newspapers. The Aussie actor is trying to foment a different kind of revolution, this time by starting a Twitter campaign for a new "Master and Commander" film."

If he had reported that Mr. Crowe had tweeted about this and then comment about the difficulty of undertaking such a sequel-- that would still make me wonder about the time Zeitchick has on his hands--but I would still consider his reporting to be non benevolent-- if the comments above were left in.

It would be nice if there is actual accurate, impartial reporting limited to the facts , and no personal comments which this clearly shows.

Susan -- I am not getting into it with you-- but I was responding to something you had stated.


Gayle Lynne, you state that you don't want to get into it with me and yet you have written two lengthy responses to my comments, simply because I have a different perspective on Mr. Zeitchik's blog piece than you do. Is Mr. Crowe's status in the entertainment world so precarious at this point, that differing opinions must be countered at all times?

I note again that this is a blog piece by Mr. Zeitchik. That is why the url says "latimesblogs." As such, one would expect that he would express his personal take on Mr. Crowe's tweet. If it were on the front page as a news item, I would expect it to be reported differently.

Well that's just great...except how do you email Tom Rothman? I have search all over the web looking for an email address...nada...nil...zilch...zero
Can't even get an email for Fox Studios....can anyone help?

Susan-- the reporter in question has not just done this on a blog ,but in articles that don't just appear in the LA times but have been carried around the world in other outlets.

Mr. Zeitchik has been quoted in many places in other words. Regardless whether this is accurate or not. He may be expressing his opinion --but his opinion by itself has become and has generated news.

It does not matter to me if it is about Russell Crowe or anyone else-- I don't like reporters inserting their personal biases or opinions about the subjects they are writing about or reporting electroncially --in news articles. We live in "viral " world -- and I am someone who is very sensitive to this.

I am not a rising star or a star on the wane--but years ago--
I had a personal situation -- a falling out with someone. The other party was very good at confabulation. She had people believing all kinds of things about me. Things I supposedly did or said. This was emotionally a very difficult situation for me. Complete strangers believed the stories which were untrue. To this day I run into people who heard those stories and believe them. It would of been far worse then if it had gone viral.


Wanted to clarify what I mean about inserting personal opinions or bias in news articles...I am not talking specifically about a actor's performance , or doing a critique of a film--and not liking it. I am talking about when it applies to a journalist's personal bias or feelings towards a person.

"Master and Commander was a terrific film, but it cost $150 million to make and only garnered $212 million in theatrical earnings worldwide."

And what did it make in DVD sales ? By all accounts it did very very well there. But unless and until studios release DVD sales they can point to theatre boxoffice and say piously a movie didn't do well.
M&C was a masterpiece and should have won Best Film against by far the worst of the LOTR trilogy.

EVEN AS it comes out just weeks ago that the UN World 'Health' Organization 'accidentally' infected some
2 BILLION (!!!) worldwide with hepatitus B via Bill Gates
style 'stealth' vaccines ---still NO sign of consciousness,
let alone repentance, from techno worshipping, PC RED China franchise slum enabling, 'ECO' you-genocide promoting

Somehow we had hopes for Crowe, but guess we were wrong.


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