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Nicolas Cage's Christian Bale moment [video]

December 13, 2010 |  6:10 pm

It's not clear what (the man who appears to be) Nicolas Cage is getting angry about in this video — maybe it's over the recent movie montage of him getting angry? — but it's fun to ponder. Tax and real-estate problems? Toupee rumors? A lack of Oscars for "National Treasure"?

The actor is shooting the "'Ghost Rider" sequel in Bucharest. But this video will make you feel his Cage-ness as though it was right in front of you. Apart from the killer closing line "I'll die in the name of honor," it's hard to make out much of what the actor says. But according to the Romanian translation that runs beneath it, his rant includes such YouTube-able phrases as  "Look in my eyes,"  "Don't touch me" and "This guy should respect me," all expressed in the particular cadence of Cage Rage. You won't find such gems anywhere, well, outside a Nicolas Cage movie.

— Steven Zeitchik


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"I'll die in the name of honor"? Was he f^&$ing around or something? I mean Cage seems like a pretty weird guy, but who just says that?


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