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Channing Tatum goes undercover in '21 Jump Street'

December 1, 2010 | 12:36 pm

Sony confirmed today that Channing Tatum will star in the film “21 Jump Street” opposite Jonah Hill. Hill, who is co-writing the movie, has said in the past that he wouldn't be playing the Johnny Depp character in the action-comedy remake of the 1980s TV show. So we guess that means Tatum won’t be playing Peter DeLuise's role (or appearing as Holly Robinson Peete).

Fan reaction was not hugely enthusiastic to the initial reports a few weeks ago that Tatum could star in the movie. Outside of “She’s the Man,” the 30-year-old hasn’t played in any comedies, or intentional ones, anyway. But there was at least a high school setting in the aforesaid Amanda Bynes flick. And with a storyline parallelling Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" it, too, was a reimagining of classic material.

--Steven Zeitchik


 Photo: The cast of the second season of  "21 Jump Street." Credit: 20th Century Fox Television