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Disney's 'Hovercar 3-D': Harry Potter, but with racing?

November 17, 2010 |  7:17 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Fans of  "Tron: Legacy" who are eagerly awaiting that movie next month could soon be in for another Disney futuristic thriller.

According to two sources who've been briefed on the film, the studio is working on a live-action techno-thriller titled  "Hovercar" -- a movie about a hovercar racer (yes, it's a real job) tasked with escorting an informant to safety as the two come under fire from corrupt government operatives (a setup that will no doubt allow for plenty of "Tron"-like chase scenes).

Hover Video and commercials director Fredrik Bond -- he's worked with Moby, among others -- is one of the directors who's being looked at to direct the film, and the up-and-coming writer Blaise Hemingway will write it, the sources said.

Disney declined to comment.

Based on an online serial that turned into a popular young-adult book series from the Australian novelist Matthew Reilly , the property was actually set up at Disney six years ago with the creators responsible for "Smallville," who remain involved. But "Hovercar" has now been restarted and put back on track, with all the attendant puns that implies.

Like "Tron," the film will be in 3-D. And like "Tron," there will be merchandising possibilities -- in this case, we imagine, cars along the lines of, well, "Cars." So there's a certain logic to it.

Reilly's story lines, developed over the course of several books, contain a series of discrete challenges and adventures that some fans have compared to Harry Potter. Which, given the mad dash in Hollywood to find a replacement for that franchise, we suppose provides "Hovercar" with a different type of logic.

-- Steven Zeitchik


 Photo: 'Hover Car Racer' book jacket. Credit: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

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I love these books! They are super fast and fun. My seven year old son loves them to. I hope they do this one really well. I'd love to see some other Matthew Reilly books come to the big screen to.

If Disney can make a movie called Hovercar, can a movie called Butthole Surfers be far behind? Tron was an overhyped movie that was a boxoffice dud. Is Tron: Legacy just more deja vu?

I was excited at first, but if the movie is about a hovercar racer escorting an informer as the article suggests, I'm not sure I want to watch it - especially when the book was fantastic and it seems by the above article, that the only thing that the movie and the book will have in common is part of the title.

I can't wait for a Matt Reilly movie. Whats next a Scarecrow or Jack West movie please

Would love to see some more of Mathew Reilly's books come to the big screen especially the 'Scarecrow' & 'Jack West' series. Jack West has a great Indiana Jones feel with loads more action in, the Scarecrow in a film would be ace action filled blockbuster. Please somebody get the rights to do these & well.

I for one can not wait for a Jack West or a Screcrow movie to be produced, I believe that either two would be a great success and a begining of a saga of great movies to follow.

I really hope they stick the book. Look at Harry Potter and Twilight. Why are they popular? Because they stuck to the book. Then look at the Alex Rider movie and Percy Jackson movie. Too much was changed.
I hope it all works out for Matthew Reilly, I'm sure he's just as excited as all his fans. If Disney stuffs it up I'll hate them forever!!

Umm sounds lame. Great book and it is Harry potter at a race school but ferrying a witness balh blah blah...Sounds like the transporter as opposed to being about a kid who is a great natural driver. It should be more along the lines of speed racer in terms of fun and speed.

I read the first 3 of the schofield series, contest and temple,but its hard to find your books cause i live in south-east Asia (Malaysia, but i do some traveling) Really excited to see Matt Reilly's stories on the big screen, hopes its 3D =.=
just hope its not like tron legacy...


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