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Natalie Portman writing a raunchy comedy

November 11, 2010 |  8:57 pm


EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman goes sapphic with Mila Kunis in the upcoming "Black Swan." Now she's getting her racy on in a different way.

For the past few weeks, Portman and college friend Laura Moses have been shopping to Hollywood studios a ribald comedy that they have written, said two studio executives who've read the script.

The project, called "BYO" (for Bring Your Own), concerns two very different twentysomething women who, after finding themselves unlucky in love, decide to throw a party to which each female attendee brings an eligible bachelor. The executives who've read the script describe it as a female-themed "Superbad."

Portman would star as one of the female leads and produce the movie, and the studio executives said they'd been told Anne Hathaway has expressed interest in the second lead role. 

The project, which has been passed on by several Hollywood studios, could still get made via either a studio or, more likely, via independent financing. Representatives for Hathaway and Portman could not immediately be reached for comment.

Portman, who has never previously written a movie, graduated from more buttoned-down roles with her pole-dancing turn in 2004's "Closer." "Black Swan" sees her going back to that territory: In the film (which premiered in Los Angeles on Thursday night and opens Dec. 3), she plays a repressed ballerina who lets her hair down in a much-touted scene involving Ecstasy, a rave and sex with Kunis' character.

Now, apparently, she's adding a Judd Apatow notch to her belt, too.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Natalie Portman promoting 'Black Swan' at the Toronto International Film Festival. Credit: Warren Toda / EPA

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If she can include vampires, lesbianism, bodily fluid jokes and girls falling down she can hit all the current cliches of American film making. Plus if she can throw a random explosion in there and tell people "its the hangover with chicks" I think we may, just may have the perfect film to give me a stigmata. Well done Hollywood. Well done indeed,

Another 'Girls Behaving Badly'. Just what America needs right now..........

I think this was a Sex and the City episode. Perhaps Natalie should try to write new material.

I've heard this story before. It's nothing new. Yawn.


Now that I would see!

I have often wondered why comedies other that romantic comedies are not written with women as the focus and in the lead roles.( I love romantic comedies )
I'm delighted to hear about this and I will be first on line to see this movie...A new story in females lives it sounds like fun...I would love to see Portman and Hathaway work together.

Ladies we need to write our stories and get them out there.

Women can be funny! Too.

So, it's ok for the guys to do it but not the girls? Give me a break. A female raunchy comedy might be good. I think it's better than the stupid paint-by-number romantic comedies which are force fed down women's throats. At least she's doing something different.

no thnx

Natalie Portman the actress is now Natalie Portman the screenwriter with her new screenplay for 'Bring Your Own;' this is great news. Pretty soon we'll also need to meet Natalie Portman the filmmaker. Writing and starring in her own film, Natalie's impressive undertakings never cease to amaze.

Brendan Ryan

The Brendan Ryan Company
Houston, Texas

I think this could be real good. Could be a fun change, the female version of raunchy comedy. Portman is quick becoming my favorite female in the industry. She's a real good actress. And she could potentially be a really good filmmaker too. Especially since she's put herself around so much talent in her career. Even so far as evidently having close ties with Aronofsky to the point that she wouldn't consider the Superman movie without him directing it (or so rumors said).

Recently I got to see Black Swan here in Austin, Texas at the 2010 Austin Film Festival. I thought Natalie Portman was extremely awesome in her role. Yet it didn't shock me to much when she did her brief lesbian scene with Mila Kunis.

But when she did her solo scene in the bedroom when she masturbated, I was stunned.

But fir those of you who have not seen the movie, I want you to go check it out since it is really funny and different than most of Natalie's movie.


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