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A new 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer' takes a small step toward the big screen

November 22, 2010 |  2:22 pm


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" began as a film and then became a hugely successful TV show. Now it's returning to its roots.

The hit WB series, now off the air for seven years, is coming back as a movie courtesy of a young writer named Whit Anderson, who will write the movie for the producers of "The Dark Knight."

The original 1992 movie, which series creator Joss Whedon also wrote, was more of a spoof than the series and its more substantial vampire tales. As our colleague Geoff Boucher tells us in an exclusive story at our sister Hero Complex blog, Anderson was a fan of the show, so expect some of the darker themes — and humor — of the series to be present here.

There will be an interesting piece of timing in all this — the "Twilight" franchise is entering a heady homestretch, with the final movies scheduled for fall 2011 and 2012. "Buffy" in many ways laid the groundwork for that franchise but with a lot less of the doe-eyed romance that the Bella-Edward chornicles favor. So it will be interesting to see if "Buffy" can come back and thrive at a time when many younger filmgoers, at least, associate vampire movies with said romance.

It's worth noting that Joss Whedon, off working on all things "Avengers," won't be involved in the new film. And the project sounds a long ways away from casting, though the question of who will play Buffy will be an interesting one too. (Sarah Michelle Gellar, at 33, is probably a bit too past her slay-by date.)

If the movie does get made, it would complete a neat movie-TV-movie circle. And at a time when every classic and modern television series has been made, or could soon get made, into a movie, here's one fans would genuinely want — but would they want it without Whedon?

— Steven Zeitchik


Photo: 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.' Credit: Justin Lubin/20th Centiry Fox.


Meet the writer of the new 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer'


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I read on the internet that the new buffy the vampire slayer movie is being written without the help of Mr. Whedon. I personally didn't like his writing styles because there seemed to be no plot, no means to an end, constant chaos, the only reason anyone watched either one "Angel " or "Buffy" was hopes that Angel and Buffy would get back together. I recently started watching the series again on Net Flix and I remembered why I stopped watching it. After season three of Buffy when Angel left it really damaged the show, it was nice seeing Angel anf Buffy together once in awhile on either one but it wasn't the same. Sarah and David, (Angel and Buffy) had a chemistry that you don't see too often on screen, it was like they fit together and complimented each other and really made the show better, their short lived love affair was intense and seemed real, for the most part. I hope with this new movie coming out will kind of close the door to that series or even start a new one with better writing and not so much constant chaos.

I LOVED Joss`s Buffy. I have no desire to see The new and "f" up Buffy without Joss`s input or any of the original actors. Hope you guys like wasting money. Or is this movie just a tax write off for you? I won`t even waste the cost of a rental on it or watch it on tv went it rolls around because I don`t want it to soil my memories. Why can`t you use the original writers or think something totally original up for yourselves.

Buffy without Whedon is a bad idea. Buffy without Gellar is a bad idea. Buffy without all the tv cast is a bad idea. We all know that you cannot stop the mega force that is the movie studios but just know that your fanbase for this film is going to be nill. All the followers of the show will probably be against the idea. The fans of vampires in general are probably so sick of them right now that your box office numbers will probably not be as high as you might suspect.

If wendon isnt apart of it, and smg isnt either...its no point, who is going to watch that? only people compleately ignorent of who buffy is at all. Sorry, but sarah owned buffy, and the person that plays buffy has big ass shoes to fill....

if you concider yourself a die-hard Buffy fan, then OF COURSE you WILL GO SEE THIS MOVIE. I mean, how could you not. Yeah, I agree, it's not gonna be the same without the cast from the show or without Joss Whedon behind it, but that's even more of a reason to go see the movie. It could be a huge success. Why not go see it to see how someone else brings Buffy to life. the TRUE fans of Buffy will be interested in this, just as I am. Although I will admit it's hard for me to see anyone aside from Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze playing the role, but it will be interesting nonetheless. It will be a completely different spin on the whole Buffyverse, one that I am dying to see. This could bring some things that we wanted to see but didn't brought to life. So all you die-hard Buffy fans, rethink what you're saying. What if you end up loving this movie more than you loved the show? I'm not saying you will, but there is the possibility. Don't say no when you have no real idea. The only reason all of you are mad is cuz the TV show cast and Joss aren't behind it. This is the chance to see if Buffy really did have as many fans as believed. I'm one of the die hard fans that will be there to midnight this movie, are you?


I grew up watching Buffy and I absolutely ADORE Joss Whedon and all his work, Buffy being my favorite. If you dare to bring back Buffy without the original cast or having Joss as the writer, then people will be absolutely outraged. It's one of the most annoying things ever when you try to put a different actor/actress into a character already born. If you insist on such a horrible idea, then create a new series with a different actress, different slayer. And since when is 33 over the hill?

Perhaps they should wait until sarah Michelle gellar's daughter is old enough to play Buffy

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