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A new 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer' takes a small step toward the big screen

November 22, 2010 |  2:22 pm


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" began as a film and then became a hugely successful TV show. Now it's returning to its roots.

The hit WB series, now off the air for seven years, is coming back as a movie courtesy of a young writer named Whit Anderson, who will write the movie for the producers of "The Dark Knight."

The original 1992 movie, which series creator Joss Whedon also wrote, was more of a spoof than the series and its more substantial vampire tales. As our colleague Geoff Boucher tells us in an exclusive story at our sister Hero Complex blog, Anderson was a fan of the show, so expect some of the darker themes — and humor — of the series to be present here.

There will be an interesting piece of timing in all this — the "Twilight" franchise is entering a heady homestretch, with the final movies scheduled for fall 2011 and 2012. "Buffy" in many ways laid the groundwork for that franchise but with a lot less of the doe-eyed romance that the Bella-Edward chornicles favor. So it will be interesting to see if "Buffy" can come back and thrive at a time when many younger filmgoers, at least, associate vampire movies with said romance.

It's worth noting that Joss Whedon, off working on all things "Avengers," won't be involved in the new film. And the project sounds a long ways away from casting, though the question of who will play Buffy will be an interesting one too. (Sarah Michelle Gellar, at 33, is probably a bit too past her slay-by date.)

If the movie does get made, it would complete a neat movie-TV-movie circle. And at a time when every classic and modern television series has been made, or could soon get made, into a movie, here's one fans would genuinely want — but would they want it without Whedon?

— Steven Zeitchik


Photo: 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.' Credit: Justin Lubin/20th Centiry Fox.


Meet the writer of the new 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer'


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as a rule, no. Hold on wait a minute, HELL NO!!! This is the worst idea ever. I can see if Joss Whedon, who is God in the Buffy universe, isnt attached or the original cast, die-hard Buffy fans will not go see. A perfect thing needs not to be disturbed. That's the bottom line.

To add to Marshall's comment, a "Buffy" movie without Sarah Michelle Gellar would not draw me to the theatres. It's the only way it would work.

No one wants this. The original film was awful, and taking away the things that made the show good - the cast, the creator and the writers - is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Have to agree with Marshall, we need Whedon to make this a good movie. Its worth noting that the origional movie before the tv series was pretty lame and didn't do well in the box office. And Joss was shut out of having any involvement in the movie even though he wrote the script-they changed a lot of his ideas for the movie. Then he got pissed and made a tv series of the movie based on how he wanted it to be. And we all know how that went. Something to think about there.

Although I am thrilled to see Buffy remembered after 7 1/2 years off the air, there is no way that someone can make a Buffy movie without the cast and crew of the television series. Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Marti Noxon, David Fury, Jane Espenson, Nick Brendon, a ton of other people that were hugely responsible for making this program a success. How would this movie ever make it without their backing? All these people want to do is make a quick buck off of another vampire-themed movie. New flash: this whole phase is gonna be over by the time this movie comes into fruition. I'll see it out of curiosity, but I'll definitely expect disappointment.

buffy without the original cast OR joss whedon is blasphemous. not. allowed. bottom. line.

I think this is quite possibly the worst news I've read in weeks.
I am a huge fan of the TV show, and the comics, and even the original movie, but the reason the show and comics are so amazing is due mostly to Joss Whedon's genius. The cast of the show did such an amazing job of portraying those characters, and I can't imagine anyone who could ever compare to them. theres just no way that fans of the original will love this movie, it's only really going to appeal to tweens who watch Twilight and missed 'Buffy' the first time around, because anyone who has watched the series properly is going to know a movie without Joss, SMG, Alyson, Nick and co could never match the brilliance of the show. I think this is ridiculous and I hope it never comes to actual fruition.

As a latecomer to the series (I became addicted when the reruns were on the WB several years back), I would NOT see another Buffy movie without the stars of the series. And, the series ended so neatly, what else could they do in a movie? Oh, wait, it's an up and coming newbie movie/producer/writer type who is creatively trying to bring back Buffy...NOT going to happen. Wow, the new ideas in Hellywood are overwhelming...don't beat a dead vampire....

My condolences to this Whit Anderson, who will get crucified for whatever hard work she puts into this new movie, which will bomb even before the movie comes out. Last I checked, Whedon's cast has always been loyal to him. I'd hate to think what they'd have to say about the thoughts of a new movie. If you're going to reboot, don't use Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Create a new slayer. Duh.

It's ridiculous to think Josh Whedon won't be connected with his baby-Buffy. The powers that be need to realize the true fans are hungry for this movie. Josh is the only one who can feed that need. Josh brings the original tv cast back with him and delivers. We all cheer and the box office is happy.

To WB producers, I say: Destroy the seed before it sprouts, unless you like losing money I wouldn't recommend remaking the greatest vampire show ever, I mean the movie, was good, new, everybody liked it, but the show, people loved it, love it and will forever love it, so don't bother, I say fans of the show will stay away from it, since it does not include the creator supreme of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Love the show, like the movie, will dread to see a remake, unless Joss and the series cast is involved.

Where can I email the creators of this idea to help shut it down?

Let's help shut it down before some people create a monster! Everyone seems to respond to Facebook groups now a days, so I created one to end the madness!!!


I am super excited that Buffy is coming back after all these years. I am a huge Buffy fan but I don't think it would be the same without Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Marti Noxon, David Fury, Nick Brendon and all the other original cast and crew, but I wish this new director lots of luck and only hope that he will be smart enough to get a few of Joss Whedon's opinions on his film.

In my last comment I forgot to mention a few important original cast members, David Boreaze, James Marsters, and Anthony Stewart Head.

As much as I am jonesing for more Buffy after 7.5 years without it, I don't want a tainted memory of some crap remake without the original touch on it. at least try and incorporate some of the original cast like all the other shows/movies do. ex. 90210, Superman/Smallville. If it really gets made I'll see it out of curiosity but I am not expecting much. Joss and his general "ness" was the main influence behind the scripts and jargon, it'll be silly without his impact

Buffy ended perfectly, it was brilliant. A movie with out the original cast and with out Joss Whedon is not Buffy at all.

im only 13 and im a BIG fan of buffy!! wen i heard bout a new movie coming out i was soo excited but i just dnt no wat 2 think if sarah michelle gellar, anthony stewart head, alyson hannigan, nicholas brendan, david boreanez, or any1 else from the series being in it. anyways im still very happy cuz ive always wantd something new in the buffy world 2 come out! i also heard tht they r planning 2 use megan fox? o sure hope not!! i didnt like her in ANY of the movies she playd in

I'm a die hard buffy fan and would only see the movie with the original cast from the series!! I would cry if someone else took their places :( deff wouldnt be worth my time without them!

I, like milions of viewers, was a HUGE Buffy fan. Quite frankly, no 1 could make the movie with its proper edge and ingenuity, like Joss Whedon. Not to mention, the fans will be OUTRAGED if Sarah Michelle Gellar is not present during the film. We "the fans" want our Buffy back. We want the movie to either be a continuation of where the series left off, with Sarah Michelle Gellar @ the helm. . .Or, an edgey version, with her @least as a co star. Let be serious people. Its not worth it if those two elements are missin.

Although most of my peers are Twihearts, my friends and I have become enormous fans of the show- yes that's right adults, the new generation is still getting into Buffy. But the idea of Buffy without Joss Whedon would be laughable if it weren't so sad. I can't see why Twilight fans would enjoy wathing vampires being staked and the fans of show are appalled as far as I've seen. How can they expect to make a film for an audience consisted of the curious and ignorant?

No way!!!

Whedon or nothing...

And for that nonsense you guys wrote about a 33 year old actress...well...
DUH...if the series evolved and buffy gets older...it would be very intelligent to have sarah back again on the cast...and she's still pretty...even with 33 yo...

All said...i hoped they would make a new season for the series...not a film...

I hate the Idea:( a "Buffy" movie without the original "Buffy" cast isn't a "Buffy" movie at all!!!!!! If u would put the old cast in there i would DEFINITELY watch:) And Sarah Michelle Gellar is not to old to play "Buffy" by any means at all!!!!

I grew up watching Buffy the Vampire slayer, and Sarah Michelle Gellar was my hero. Therefore there would be no emotional connection with a new slayer if Sarah does not play the role. However it would be great in this era of brooding vampires to re-invent the hit show through new film of the show if Sarah was to play the role

No Whedon and the original cast not present. Thumbs Down :(

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