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Olivia Wilde will be Justin Timberlake's...mother?

October 1, 2010 |  7:40 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Fans of Olivia Wilde, she of "House" fame, are about to get a hospital-size helping of the actress on the big screen.

Wilde Wilde dons the rubber and latex and struts her techno-chic in December's futurist adventure "Tron: Legacy," in which she plays female lead Quorra.  Wilde will also be seen this fall as the female lead in the murder-thriller "The Next Three Days" opposite Russell Crowe.

Now sources familiar with the production say she's been cast in Andrew Niccol's new untitled thriller at New Regency/Fox, where she'll play opposite Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

 The "Gattaca" writer-director tells a story set in a society where aging stops at 25. (People live beyond that; they just treat time as currency -- i.e., the rich have too much of it, and the poor are forced to scrounge or steal it). Wilde will actually play the mother of Timberlake's character. In reality, the 26-year-old Wilde is three years younger than Timberlake, but such is the magic of science-fiction premises.

Wilde -- a member of the Cockburn family of journalists, so kind of one of our own -- will then keep the screen time going with another lead performance as a tough frontierswoman in next year's "Cowboys and Aliens," as well as parts in quirky dramedy "Butter" and the lead in Ryan Reynolds body switch comedy "The Change-Up."  With this new turn in the Niccol picture, we can only imagine what character she'll play after that. Maybe Nick Lachey's great-aunt.

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Olivia Wilde. Credit: Paul Buck/EPA

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Cable Guy! ^heey did I get a Bi-pass on that Dancing with the Stars lol^ that must have been Olivia's image say didn't we have moments.


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