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Kristen Stewart: 'Breaking Dawn' will change people's minds about Bella Swan

October 18, 2010 |  7:06 pm

Getprev"Twilight" fans love to debate their favorite novel in Stephenie Meyer's bestselling vampire series. Kristen Stewart says she has her own favorite -- and it's the most explicit and intense of the bunch.

"This one's really good. This one really goes there, finally," said the actress who plays the iconic Bella Swan of "Breaking Dawn." "This one is like the forming of a family. You see everything really come to fruition because I feel like [Bella] has sort of gone through an accelerated growth period."

In November, Stewart will reprise the Bella role when she begins filming the first half of “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth movie in the “Twilight” franchise, which will be directed by Bill Condon. The story follows [spoiler alert: if you aren't familiar with "Breaking Dawn," skip to the last paragraph] Bella’s marriage to vampire Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson), as the two finally consummate their relationship and Bella becomes pregnant.

"At this point," Stewart says, "you do accept [Bella] as a mom.”

Because their child is half-human and half-vampire, Bella’s pregnancy is riddled with complications -- all leading up to a dramatic birth scene, in which Edward tears open Bella’s stomach with his teeth to save their baby.

There has been speculation about how the graphic scene will be depicted on screen. Stewart acknowledges it's a "crazy concept," also describing werewolf Jacob's hearing "vampire teeth against vampire skin" during the childbirth scene.

Just how that will play out on screen, though, has yet to be determined. "I've seen the script," which tracks closely to the book, she says. "But it depends on how they shoot it."

Stewart, who was speaking to 24 Frames to promote her new independent drama "Welcome to the Rileys," said she thinks her "Twilight" character has been misunderstood. “Bella’s criticized sometimes for being, like, you know -- I don’t know, selfish and overly emotional and silly and frivolous and annoying and young,” said Stewart. “That’s sort of like a very judgmental way of looking at it."

--Amy Kaufman


Photo: Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Credit: Summit Entertainment/Kimberley French.


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I am so excited to see Breaking Dawn on the big screen. There ae some scenes I can't wait to see the Wedding, Isle Esme, Bella as a vampire just to name a few. And I'm really curious how they will do the birth scene, Renesmee, and uh the one scene with Jacob. Especially considering they haven't explained imprinting well in the movies yet. I agree with what Kristen has said, I love how well she knows & understands Bella & the story. Love you Kristen!

Breaking Dawn was the worst of all the books. No one even had to sacrifice anything to live "happily every after."

I just cant wait I loved everything about breaking dawn and as Kelstar said I hope dem put all the best parts of the book in the movie. I just cant wait to see bella as a vampire I hope that renesme is as beautiful as her parents are even prettier. Please hurry I cant wait

I hope the Breaking Dawn be really close to the book, because the Eclipse movie wasn't. Eclipse was more of the fight with the new vampire and I think the romance was lost, also wasn't sequence in Eclipse movie, was like jumping for one to another topic with no relation.

I really don't like Breaking Dawn, the book, but I am hoping that the movie will change my mind.( but fat chance of that because i didn't like the fact that Jacob imprinted on Nessie) And for those person who can't wait for a whole year, they probably doing that because of the Harry Potter movies, which comes out this november and next july.

im so excited for this movie to come out cant wait for it....

legend act performed

I can't wait for this movie to come out!!! I wrote a song about my favorite part in the book, would love for other fans to have a listen and share their thoughts with me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXoHfFPk7oc

'Twilight' is the worst possible series of books to have ever been written.
Bella is in an abusive relationship. If any man, for any reason, laid a hand on my daughter, he would be pulling back a bloody nub. I don't give a flying you-know-what that he is a 'vampire'. Any of you that think Edward is some tortured soul are in desperate need of mental health help. He is an abuser, plain and simple.
Oh and another thing...VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE!!! Ever. They burst into flame in sunlight. They DO NOT SPARKLE!!!

The Twilight series is the ultimate wish fulfillment story for women. A bland, uninteresting girl with no skills or personality is given eternal youth, beauty and wealth by a sinisterly handsome imortal who, although frightening, is bascially good. And if that isn't vomit enducing enough, it turns out she has magic powers of her own and ends up inspiring awe in her new eternal family (gasp!). Bella transforms from booring to awesome all because of a guy. She didn't work for it, want it, need it, earn it, etc... No, she just smelled good and a virginal vampire gave her eternity. This is why I can't stand her character. She is undeserving. Ladies, if you want these things, you have to work for them yourself. No guy is going to give them to you (unless you really whore yourself out). There is no prince charming. Get over it already, and work on making yourself an interesting and productive person rather than wasting time dreaming about some fictional guy who will rescue you from mediocrity.

hi there guys how was your day my was good well talk to you tomowwer bye :) :*

I love the twilight saga and think the films have been just as good, it's so nice to watch a film where the director isnt using sex, drug's and violence to sell a film!!!! well done

There is a mistake in this posted story. Edward does not tear open Bella's stomach as it is written above. The baby is born in a thick vampire-skin like shell and that is indeed what Edward rips through. Amy Kaufman should do her homework a little better before referring to certain detailed happenings in the story. Unless you know exact details you should not write about them to Twilight fans.

Dont know about the tearing into Bella's stomach to save the baby is going to be but sounds wierd I just hope it is better than ECLIPSE

i really love the twilight movie ..alsoo new moon and eclipse ... bella and edward together are so amazing...they are really so cute ...i cant wait to see breaking dawn ...love it sooooooo much...

As far as i'm concern the whole twilight saga including the breaking dawn movie 2 cum is the best vampire movies i have ever seen and i'm also a very big fan of twilight and always will be, people can say what they like about twilight they just dn't get the concept of the story so boo woo on you....

when does eclipse coming out on dvd

Bella knows what she wants and the character acts like ateenage girl in love...Breaking Dawn shows her as a part of the cure and as no longer the victim that gets caught in situations...becoming a vampire was the best thing that ever happened to her...she becomes stronger emotionally as well as in body. Read the book and then see the movie and you will see her in a better light. I would want her to be my mother!!!!

i admire u kristen stewart i really do and i hope u the best

I love reading anything about KRISTEN and also Rob.
I love the series, "Twilight"..I play the two movies I have over and over, probably 10 times or more a week.
I think both of you are fantastic on the screen. I don't know what I will do, when all of the movies have been made. I have read all of the books in the "Twilight Series".......Thank-You to the aurthor Stepheney Meyers.
Hugs to all of you and Kristen and Rob
Always Sue

breaking sawn is a good book but taylor should get bella prego instead of edward

ok i have read all of the books i'm 35 and love the series!! it reminds me of what its like to be young and feel so alive again!!! My favorite book of the series is Breaking Dawn!!! I know i've read it at least 10 times.... If this movie was 10 hours long i would sit thru it!!!! They need to cough up the money and get it done the right way!!! No i'm not one of those!! I love a good read and am looking forward to seeing it!! i was kind of disappointed with new moon think they could have taken it a step farther but was still a good watch!! i only read eclipse to get to breaking dawn!!! I'm impatiently awaiting it and have extremely high hopes!!! The actors and actresses are great!! they just need to make it believable!! its so touching ... only a mother can understand... the bond.... and as always with this saga the music .... always brings it home!!! looking forward to it!!! ps!! stephanie please come out with another book like something from alice or carlisle or when renesme is growing up ect.... could go so many places with this.... i promise it wont get old... there are too many fans....

hi bella nice pic kailey out :) :*

The fact that Kristen Stewart has so many "ticks" she brings to every role I've seen her in, doesn't bode well for her acting like a grown up. If she can stop the lip biting, snorting and breath expulsions that are annoying and distracting, maybe she can pull it off.

The problem with Breaking Dawn,as with all the "twilight saga" movies is the author. She's apparently straight laced and keeps a very watchful eye on what the director,writer and cast are doing. That doesn't allow them much license. Not that i'm suggesting the series gets pornographic, but- keep in mind that very young kids are probably not going to see the films in droves. They need to up the spoken and unspoken amounts of coupling in the last chapter. Edward is a very sexy vampire who loves Bella (Why I do not know)as she is,I agree void of personality. To think a vampire,dead for over one hundred years has a sense of humour and a personality over a mortal girl is in itself very funny.

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