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A pair of 'Avatar' sequels is on its way from James Cameron

October 27, 2010 |  9:11 am

James Cameron has set his return trip to Pandora.

Fox announced Wednesday morning that "Avatar 2" and "Avatar 3," the sequels to last year's science-fiction blockbuster, will be James Cameron's next films, with the director beginning work on the scripts in early 2011. Production on "Avatar 2" could begin as soon as late '11, with the movie likely in theaters in December 2014, according to Fox.

Although it was widely believed that Cameron had many ideas for "Avatar 2" and wanted to begin work on it shortly, the fact that it would be his priority -- and that the studio was planning on a third film as well -- represents a major development. With his heavily developed story lines and intensive use of new technology, Cameron can often take a decade or longer between films.

Fox said in its announcement that Cameron has not made a decision about whether to shoot the two films back to back but that he well could, which would allow "Avatar 3" to come out as early as December 2015.

There was little detail about the plot for the new movies. "Avatar" ended with Jake (Sam Worthington) joining the Na'avi and fighting off the invasion of human armed forces led by Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang).

Cameron did say in a statement that the movies "will be self-contained stories that also fulfill a greater story arc" and that "we will not back off the throttle of 'Avatar's' visual and emotional horsepower and will continue to explore its themes and characters."

It's also not known how many of the original cast members will return, though it is all but assured both movies will be in 3-D. Cameron's writing partners also remain a question; Laeta Kalogridis ("Shutter Island") contributed heavily to the script for the first film.

The original "Avatar," which came out in December and played through the winter, was a global phenomenon that grossed about $2.8 billion worldwide. Cameron's work will also be coming back to the big screen with a 3-D rerelease of "Titanic," which is expected to hit theaters in April 2012.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Avatar. Credit: 20th Century Fox


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I would like to request that Bill Gates, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Al Gore, George Soros and any other self-proclaimed billionaire do-gooder contribute $100,000,000 each of their own money to a trust fund which can be used to support those people who lose their jobs as a result of AB-32, California's Global Warming Final Solutions Act.

If nobody loses their job due to AB-32, then every last penny of your money will be returned to you. This is only fair, since you are funding and publicly supporting the NO On 23 campaign. I ask that you agree to this before people vote on November 2nd.

You should have no problem doing this, because as you say, AB-32 is not a job killer. I will feel much better because there will be help available to those who need it, in the (unlikely) event that you are wrong. This will give the public all the more confidence in proceeding with the very worthy goal of saving our environment.

I look forward to reading your expeditiously issued press releases affirming that such a trust fund has been set up.

Thank you for your speedy attention to this matter.

Yours in green,


I await the "Cameron" advancements in 3-D projection technology for the new Avatars. Will we see brighter, color renditions? Will polaroid passive projection be a thing of the past? Will all audiences be wearing lcd shutter glasses which offer pure color frequencies?

It is time to take 3D a step up and Cameron can and will do it.

OMG NO! How much more blue can we take?

"...his heavily developed story lines" You're kidding, right? I have this feeling that it's not the "heavily developed story lines" which cause the decade-long delays between his films. You couldn't pay me to watch any Avatar film, including the first one again. One long "heavily developed" video game.

Great News!
We will be sure to see!

Today's Los Angeles Times, on page D3, says read the 24 frames blog about Inside Job (a great piece of work), but I can't find it anywhere. What am I missing?

Oh, please. The first was a terrible movie with a lazy plot. Dig deep, James. Quit giving us the heavily diluted story lines with everything that glitters but gold. A big budget doesn't compensate for art. Of course you have the ability, but doubting your courage to use it to make a meaningful film given the studio's obvious heavy hand in the first one.

Avatar was off to such a great start before it turned into a explosive cartoon soap opera. I'm excited I at least have three more years of peace before anymore disappointment.

There are some wonderful filmmakers out there who make an impact on the industry through more than gimmicks. We need money to leave, but not to make a statement. Where the h__ is your voice?

Ditch the politics and get back to great filmmaking!

"Cameron can often take a decade or longer between films"

Often? Meaning once?

Maybe ole' Jimmy will dump a couple of grand more into the script.

That first "epic" was a trite piece of trash wrapped in beautiful paper. Nice looking, vapid and sophomoric.


Dude, at least TRY to put some effort into it.

I'm looking forward to the new movies. The first one, while slightly derivative in story line, was breathtaking and overall a very successful story.

Nightengale - Stop being a shill for the Texas gas companies.

CSD - Believe it or not, there really is an element called unobtainium, at theoretically. It does sound made up, though.

unobtainium has been a term used in engineering since I got into aerospace 25 years ago and it was in use when I started. Basically a material that you can do anything with (like repeal a theoretical law like gravity, heat transfer etc.) I laughed my arse off when it was used in the movie.

But as my 15 year old said after we saw the movie, "Pocahontus with blue people". His first real movie critic comment. I agreed and laughed again. But we both agreed "great eye candy".

Nightingale, instead of lecturing Gates, Cameron, etc, try leading by example - donate YOUR money, not to those who lose their jobs to policies you support, but rather to those families who lose loved ones prematurely due to pollution caused by dirty energy at at time when safer alternatives are increasingly available.

@ Nova yos Galen

There is no element named " unobtainium." It gets applied to different real element (like titanium) that are difficult to "obtain", but that's about it.

Like the original commenter said, the fact that Cameron used the term unobtainium, is just one example of how lazy he was when he wrote the script.

Oh, yawn, Voting, trying to hijack a thread? I take it you're being paid by the Texas oil companies to promote their "Let's Trash California" prop.

I love the hypocrisy: a guy who lines the pockets of capitalists is going to produce two more movies telling us how capitalists are ruining the world. Hey James, will those Avatar action figures be manufactured in sweatshops in China or Korea?

Oh please, it was a movie for heavens sake. I long ago grew weary of all the pompous hand wringing about a derivative, uninspiring script and various and sundry criticisms of the film by would-be, high-browed, pseudo-intellectual film critics. I enjoyed "Avatar", thought it was unlike any film I had seen before, and look forward to enjoying the sequels. It's not that complicated. Thank you Mr. Cameron for producing a creative, visually stunning film.

I am so tired of every moving coming out having political satire in it. Yeah Yeah lucas did it in the first three Star Wars, but it was much more subtle than "Start Wars The Battle over Senate Redistricting" -thank you Simpsons. I just want to read a book, or watch a movie, or listen to music, or generally be entertained, without worrying about wether I agree withthe artists personal political views. I dont give a crap what natalie maines has to say, she has a set of lungs from heaven and thats what I like to hear. Avatar was a heavy handed persecution of humanity not even eloquently covered by giant angry blue smurfs and pretty plants.


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