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Mel Gibson is still persona non grata in Hollywood

October 21, 2010 |  3:54 pm

Just three days after word leaked out that Mel Gibson would enjoy a cameo in "The Hangover 2" as a tattoo artist in Thailand, the troubled actor has been told his services will not be needed after members of the production rebelled.

In a statement released Thursday by Warner Bros. and producing partner Legendary Pictures, the backers of "Hangover 2" said that director Todd Phillips had decided that the "Braveheart" star wouldn't be appearing in the sequel to last year's comedy blockbuster.

“I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team," Phillips said in a statement, referring to the Warner Bros. production chief. "But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

Gibson has been missing from the movies since audio recordings apparently capturing his violent and racist rants against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva surfaced this summer. In one of the recorded calls, Gibson apparently says, "You look like a ... pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ..., it will be your fault."

Gibson also is said to have threatened her, saying "I am going to come and burn the ... house down," adding, "but you will [perform oral sex on] me first."

Four years ago, when Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence, he unleashed an anti-Semitic tirade against the police.

"Hangover 2" would have been the actor's first movie since "The Beaver," a Jodie Foster-directed comic drama that has been sitting on the shelf and has no announced release date.

-- John Horn

Photo: Mel Gibson: Credit: Charles Platiau/Reuters




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He's still a great director/actor, just because somebody believes all the bad hype he's received lately, doesn't mean he's "persona non grata"

Somehow, I can't bring myself to feel bad for ol' Mel.

He dug his own hole.

One would hope Gibson ends up in the Aussi Out Back chasing sheep. He probably won't. Time will pass. People will forget. He'll pull a Robert Downey, Jr., do his mea culpa, and make more movies. It's America. If it sells, it's good.

This is good news. I loved Hangover 1, but wasn't going to see Hangover 2 for the very reason this racist, sexist mess was getting a cameo in it. Thank you, Hollywood, for coming to your senses.

You're the man Mel. Keep up the good work.

Sorry I missed that, what did Mel Gibson say. The exsact
words please and don't leave anything out! Thank you.

Too bad - To rehabilitate his career, I think Mel would be excellent in a cameo appearance on Entourage, or a Showtime production. He is still a good actor, entertaining, although he comes off like an allegedly racist, violent nut-job. The calls to his soon-to-be-ex are actually pretty humorous and obviously the product of a person not dealing well with severe personal and emotional issues. He is not a criminal.

Did anybody else see much to do about nothing with his tirades?Now that all the tv lawyers and old women on talk shows have spoken,why not take a census on the common folk's opinion?Since the gap between the middle class and the upper class has spread,I don't feel the public is getting a majority voice on this man.And being the upper class jews control the tv and movie industry,they're opinions should be laughable in todays public opinion polls.This compares though,right up there with Bush,Cheney,and Rumsfeld charging Iraq with 911.

It's good the director has come to his senses! Mel Gibson needs professional help. Pretending his violent tirades didn't happen, will just prolong the public disgust with him!

The press hyped up this situation.When hearing the old ladies on tv talk shows and famous lawyers who go on tv size up his behavior to a snowball going downhill.I find it laughable.All the things he is quoted to having done and nothing more than kneejerk reactions of what I see any common person would do.Take away a the microphone from the upper class Hollywood types and give it to the more noble public opinion poll to lead the charge instead and I think you will see that this man has been villified by the upper class.Which in it's process of becoming more and more small should expect a move sometime to the likes of the Bolivia government.And hopefully in this lifetime.

I think it's simply a "travesty" that a supremely spoiled sophomoric pack of so-called ACTORS can RULE the film industry. LIKE anybody in THAT CAST has EVER DONE anything (frankly) remarkable in THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.

WHO HASN'T DONE THINGS THEY REGRET ?? ... THAT they SHOULD JUDGE MEL GIBSON? Basically "character" actors, which NEVER had the IMPACT in this industry -- or THE WORLDWIDE audiences Mel has.

The MOVIE going public will rush to see Mel's movies -- regardless. Frankly, Mel's PERFORMANCE is the ANYONE REASON to see that film.

Anyone who could EVER BELIEVE that gold-digger ... doesn't HAVE a brain. He was set-up and you Hollywood Hypocrites’ are just THAT.

mel is caught in a double bind its called puritanical
the media corporations make money offa
people in trouble
but its the double standard thats killing everything nobodys perfect
do what the french do live your life
and stop trying to be perfect doesnt exist

To Asian Annie: Gee, I'm glad you think it's laughable when a public figure slurs black people, Mexican people, Jewish people (not to mention women). Maybe it wouldn't be so laughable to you if he had used a few Asian slurs.

I am not in anyway condoning what Mel Gibson has said and done over the past years. However, what is appauling is that he was "Black Balled" and "Blacklisted" by a cast and crew. It is undue influence and harrassment by WB and the Producers over the crew to solicit their votes on whether he should stay. Either you agreed with the dismissal after he was selected or you "may not get hired on a future project." They certainly limited anyone from their free speech on the subject by the "imagined threat" of not being employed. Could the studio keep a Blackball List if you publically thought it was reprehensible they fired Gibson.
They say movies should be looked at as Art. Art is Freedom of speech. That freedom was taken by self absorbed power hungry actors, studio executives and their lawyers. Mr. Gibson's ability and right to make a living was placed in the hands of below-the-line employess that get paid well to do their partiuclar job. I have heard more racial slurs and anti-semetic comments on a movie set than one wishes to hear in a lifetime. I find this production from the Studio, Director, Producer, UPM on down the line full of it. Terrible precedent has been set that you need the vote of a production company to work. BTD

@asian annie, oh yeah, too much about nothing...

He only wished the woman raped and dead, but that's nothing to be shocked about.

What's your home life like, that this kind of thing doesn't bother you?

Mel needs more rope. Just like the spoiled young actors and actresses he will out do his past performances.

That's too bad, I was looking forward to his cameo...I guess I'll have to wait for his next movie...
If I shunned actors for their bleeding heart heart, I'd never see a movie...Who cares what these people think or say...They're ACTORS...
It's kind of funny how fans and some actors see themselves as more important or their opinion is more important than they really are...When the fact is they're just actors, reading their lines and acting out a role in a play or movie..

"The press hyped up this situation."

Dear Asian Annie: whatever happened to "Personal Responsibility" ???

I always enjoyed Gibson's films, but the man is obviously mentally ill. All of the demons that were embedded in his psyche by his insane father have come home to roost. A real shame. The man's career is over. He should reconcile with his first wife and move back to his isolated ranch in Australia.

You nailed it asian annie!!!

Hypocrites! You had no problem watching convicted rapist Mike Tyson yuck it up in part1.

I would have gone to see this movie because having Mel Gibson in it would be hysterical. Bad move.

I very much enjoy Mr. Gibson's art and care little about him outside of that art.

I'll see anything he makes.

Gibson is a good movie man, hollywood and the media are just digging the road.

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