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A new entrant into the 'Deadpool'

October 26, 2010 |  7:17 pm

EXCLUSIVE: The story that's unfolded around who will direct "Deadpool," the Ryan Reynolds movie based on the Marvel antihero, has been almost as colorful as anything that appeared in the comic book itself. Robert Rodriguez was going to helm it, then he wasn't, then he was, and now he's not.

But sources familiar with the project say a new name has emerged for the director's chair, and it's an unconventional one: Adam Berg, a heretofore little-known Swedish commercial and video director.

Berg has never directed a feature before, but he gained plenty of acclaim with  "Carousel," a stylish short (you can check it out below) made for Philips Electronics that won the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising prize.  In a one-take freeze-frame, the short tells of a bank heist in a manner that evokes both "The Town" and "The Dark Knight." (Incidentally, it was a Philips-funded film, "The Gift," that provided the springboard for a different up-and-comer, "47 Ronin" director Carl Rinsch.)

Berg's work is admired both by those making "Deadpool" as well as by Reynolds, making him a top contender to land the job, say sources. The movie still has to overcome obstacles before it moves forward. But if it does, it will feature one big star — and a director who may well find himself on the way to becoming one.

— Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Deadpool cover art. Credit: Marvel Comics.


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the video is just like the opening scene of the deadpool script that was leaked online.

could be awesome.

can't they find another person to play deadpool instead of Ryan Reynolds? also is'nt reynolds also playing the Green Lantern. REALLY !

I hope its good

@B why should they replace Reynolds? He has been involved with this movie from the start, even having a hand in the script. He's been trying to get this movie made since 2003. And so what if he is making Green Lantern too? Green Lantern is the stamp collector of superheroes, he has the personality of a fish bowl.

Anyway... Fox hiring an artist instead of a big name? Interesting. The guy certainly has talent, let's hope he can translate that into a full feature length film.

"Carousel" is excellent. I found myself trying to look up as the camera moved. Beautiful work. If Fox is smart enough to stick with a good actor like Reynolds and an artistic, thoughtful, detail-oriented director like Berg, Deadpool should be platinum.

On the realistic side of it, Fox has made so many mistakes in the past, that I don't know if they have learned yet; but, maybe they are tired of wasting and losing money. I'm tired of them ruining creative properties.

The opening sequence of the leaked script is just like Carousel. After checking out his reel at Smuggler, I think this guy is is going to be huge. If not with Deadpool, then something else.

Yeah, that's the type of project that can advance a director's career. I just hope they get Reynolds for the part, but reboot the character's origins...


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