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Aaron Sorkin: Not hitting 'like' on Sarah Palin

October 4, 2010 |  7:21 pm

The Week 2 campaign to get more of Middle America interested in "The Social Network" is off to a flying start.

Aaron Sorkin, never reticent on matters of politics, wandered into an ideological thicket on CNN's new "Parker Spitzer" show Monday. According to several accounts of the telecast, the show, on which guests had been discussing Sarah Palin, had the left-leaning Sorkin dissing the former VP candidate in words that make his Mark Zuckerberg depiction look like hagiography.

According to several accounts, the "West Wing" creator told hosts that "Sarah Palin is an idiot. A remarkably, stunningly, jaw-droppingly incompetent, mean woman." Sorkin also reportedly said that "the Democrats have moved to the center, but the Republicans have moved into a mental institution. So I’ll take the Democrats."

"The Social Network" was always sold on story and performance, not message. Still, if you want to persuade a certain segment of a certain working-class audience that this movie about rich Harvard kids is for them, having its writer dis a grassroots favorite might not be the way to do it. Good thing Sony has strong publicists. No embed code, but you can watch Sorkin's Spitzer video here.

[Update, 11:24 p.m. We caught up with the full segment, and Sorkin doesn't mince words. What he does do is acknowledge that his opinions may not serve the movie's publicity aims. He kicked off his comments with a disclaimer. "'The Social Network' has absolutely no politics at all. No one has to agree with anything that I'm saying in order to see this movie," he said, before continuing immediately with "But Sarah Palin is an idiot. Come on."

Then he acknowledged jokingly -- or was it? -- that he may be shooting his movie in the foot. "The senior people at Sony are just killing me for what I'm saying," he said as he wrapped up his interview. "I actually went on TV and lost ticket-buyers."]

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Aaron Sorkin at the DGA New Yorker festival on October 1 in New York City. Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images


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Actually, she was one of the most competent governors the State of Alaska ever had, and her popularity there reflected it.

And her "meanness" is only apparent to the kind of dim bulb that thinks any opposition to President Obama's policies must be motivated by racism.

Is it really a surprise that Aaron Sorkin has a low opinion of Sarah Palin? Does this really qualify as "news"? And Sorkin, who has admitted a history of abusing drugs including crack cocaine, calling Palin an idiot is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

Aaron Sorkin should be hired by Palin as a publicist. Leftists, especially Hollywood Leftists, have no idea how many votes they garner for Palin when they do this stuff.

It's worth noting that it is people who think just like Sorkin who are running the country into the ground.

The man speaks the truth.

But I'm glad he put honesty and intelligence ahead of profit.

Something the Republicans should try -- but hey, winning is more important than honesty, intelligence, or ethics, right, Repubs?

What is so wrong about saying the truth about this woman? Why do you try to remotely defend her when as you can hear when she speaks..is a true idiot and has no business in the political game. Really! She knows nothing but lies and viciousness. I WANT NOTHING LIKE THAT AS A LEADER. We had stupid already with BUSH. This would downright IRNORAMOUS for this country to remotely consider this idiot of a woman to run for anything. IF SHE CAN'T RUN HER FAMILY HOW THE HELL CAN SHE RUN A COUNTRY?????

I won't see your movie now.

Palin's approval rating in Alaska had nothing to do with competence but with the amount of the annual check they received for individual Alaskans when compared to previous years. It was 2 to 3 times as much as previous years, so of course, the people loved her for it. When reality hit, the 2008 campaign, Alaskans quickly saw their governor didn't have a clue, lied frequently and NEVER accepted responsibility for her wrongdoings. Prior to her quitting, signs could be seen all around Alaska with the words "Impeach Palin" on them. She was nowhere to be found and not doing her job. She did all Alaskans a favor when she quit.

What Sarah Palin did for Alaska:
-She raised taxes on the oil and gas industry by 400% with ACES
-She appointed Judge Morgan Christen, a board member of PLANNED PARENTHOOD to the Alaska Supreme Court.
-She grew the state government by 15-20%
-She gave away 729 million dollars of cash (at the expense of oil companies) and gave it away to the people as a one-time payout not including the annual dividend. Very Socialist if you ask me.
-She quit halfway in her term to make money
-She also endorsed Joe Miller who has taken Fed. Gov't farm subsidies for his Kansas Farm and Gov. unemployment.

Still think Sarah is a Conservative? Look it up, she won't say anything and the News will NOT do their reporting on this fraud.

Palin is by far the biggest Socialist who has ever held power here in Alaska. She implemented the largest tax increase and largest increase in the size of government in the history of our state. She sticks her hand out for every government payment, yet derides anyone else who does the same. She's a hypocrit and a coward, to afraid to answer simple questions. She also gutted open government here in Alaska, spitting on our state Constitution. Heck, even her hand-picked lap dog for senate, Joe Miller, is losing to a write-in candiadte!! No, Sarah couldn't be elected to anything. Not even dog-catcher in her hometown of Wasilla. We realized she was an idiot. It's too bad so many others drink too much koolaid to see the idiot for what she is.

She was one of most competent governors of AK? Ever? Based on her popularity? Dim bulb? Racism?

Are you from some other universe? Or, have you watched Fox News for so long that it has eroded your sense of reality?

"What Sarah Palin did for Alaska:"
. . .

You forgot that she quit on the people of Alaska half way through her term. She quit in order to make money. She values money over citizens of this country and especially Alaska.
she is absolutely and totally incompetent.
Close your eyes and imagine that stupid person discussing anything with world leaders. She makes the idiot Bush2 look good.

I am from Alaska and Sarah Palin did nothing to help us but to quit her position as a louser Governer. McCain is still scratching his head wondering why he brought this idiot to life. She lied to him and his staff when it came to the election. She has lied to the Alaskan people and left us with sizable bills to cover. She was booed when interviewed on dancing with the stars. I am still trying to figure out how her daughter was able to get on that show without being a star. Lot of other people out there that represent something and we don't see them on the show. Sarah represents a joke THE TEA PARTY. She has seperated the republician party and made it a polical hockey game. RIGHT WINGER LEFT WINGER AND CENTER. Maybe that is how she became a hockey MOM. She claims to have family morals when she is hardly home and teaching her daughter the same values. Enough said except if Sarah runs for president in 2012 we will have Obama in for another 4 years.

You gain some ticket buyers too Aaron. I think she's dumber than dirt but as evil as she is dumb.

I am also an Alaskan of almost 30 years. Sarah Palin is a dimwit, and has done nothing for Alaska. Raised taxes on the Oil Company (which our economy depends on) - so when the profit margin isnt there for them to explore for Oil, guess what - they explore somewhere else (hurt alaska), raised the head count on the tourism ships (again, we need for our economy) - so again when there are less profits to be made - they take their business somewhere else (again, hurt alaska). Her self-absorbed ego and self-centeredness is sooooo bad, that she is in complete denial that MOST Alaskans can't stand her, and wish she'd move away from here & poison someone else's state. Maybe you folks in the lower 48 - that love her so much - can adopt her and take her far from here. We're so tired of her never-ending soap opera here.....

John Skookum, are you nuts? She was a joke and a grifter. It was only 10 months into her governorship before all the scandals started...believe me...Alaskans are not and were not impressed.

boalaska---Liar,Liar, She was NOT booed--.

Who are the MEAN ones again?

Perhaps Aaron Sorkin can tell us what it's like to accept an award for your "victory" over addiction 2 months before you get busted at Burbank Airport for shrooms, coke and gonja? Now there's an idiot!

I think Sarah Palin on top of being plain stupid is a hypocrite, she is a hired hand of the Republican Party to say what she is told to say! She's on a 15 day tour of spreading hate and attacking President Obama, she never was a hockey mom, you can't be at your kids hockey game when you're in Las Vegas. I always thought Palin was a idiot, but since she quit her job, and turned into a paid spokesman for the racist "Republican Tea Party" she prove it.She smelled money,and fame over the American people,she has lost self respect and that of a lot of people. It's too bad she let the almighty dollar ruin her life and now her kids life! I wonder who watches the kids while the mom and daughter are doing the Hollywood scene. Sarah Palin is a direct reflection of white Republicans......phoney! Un American and stupid is an understatement when talking about Sarah Palin. Today on the "View'' Levi Johnston was interview his claim to frame was impregnating Sarah Palin underage daughter. Now the 20 year old unemployed high school drop out Levi is running for Mayor! He is just as stupid as Sarah Palin! But the women on the View didn't asked any hard question. They made light of his ignorance and creating a child he does not see or take care of financially! Whoopie even stated that she didn't want people to see him as a joke! Sarah Palin came on the scene and attack and made false allegation about Senator Obama. Then did a interview and the world saw she was a idiot and should never be near the White House! After the interview Sarah Palin blame her lack of knowledge and stupidity on the interviewer! Levi didn't do that he just stated I DON'T KNOW!


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