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Kenneth Turan's film pick of the week: 'Something's Gonna Live'

September 9, 2010 |  7:49 am


If you care about the great days of Hollywood past — and how could you not — its hard to resist "Something's Gonna Live," a charming new documentary that plays for a week starting Friday at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills.

Directed by Daniel Raim, who was Oscar nominated for his short "The Man on Lincoln's Nose," this film is constructed as a series of conversations and reminiscences among some of the grand old men of the visual side of motion pictures: production designers Robert Boyle, Henry Bumstead and Albert Nozaki, illustrator Harold Michelson and cinematographers Conrad Hall and Haskell Wexler.

There is something of the home movie about this film, but that is overcome by the grace, generosity and wisdom of its participants. It's wonderful, for example, to return to Bodega Bay in Northern California with Boyle and Michelson as they reminiscence about making "The Birds" with Alfred Hitchcock. Except for Wexler, all these men are now gone, and they are missed.

— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times film critic

Photo: Veteran production designers Henry Bumstead, left, Albert Nozaki and Robert Boyle revisit the Paramount backlot. Credit: Haskell Wexler.

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Thanks to film critic Kenneth Turan of the L.A. Times for picking a great and engaging feature film. This documentary has captured the emotions of audiences and critic's alike, thanks to director and my friend Daniel Raim for a fabulous directing job. 'Something's Gonna Live' will live with me forever, I have known and loved these legions of film as many Hollywood and the World has, not only personally but through there great and talented work of film.

Exec. Producer, Tommy G Warren

Spiderwood Studios

Thanks to Ken Turan for attending the 2010 Austin Film Festival and sharing his wisdom about "film reviews". It was such a pleasure for me to have attended as well as being able to thank him in person for a gracious review "Film Pick of the Week" in the LA Times Entertainment for the feature documentary "Somethings Gonna Live" directed by, Academy Award Nominee Daniel Raim.

Exec. Producer, Tommy G Warren
Spiderwood Studios

A great and emotional feature documentary directed by Academy Award Nominee Daniel Raim and exec. Produced by Tommy G Warren in assoc. with Spiderwood Studios. Thanks to Kenneth Turan and the LA Times for a great review of our film, Somethings Gonna Live.


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