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It's a swan, it's a plane...Darren Aronofsky latest name to surface in Superman director search

September 27, 2010 |  1:24 pm

When we interviewed Darren Aronofsky at the start of the Toronto International Film Festival, he had a deadpan answer on the progress of "Robocop," the remake of the 1980s action movie that has been felled by financial problems at MGM.

"I think I'm still attached," he said. "I don't know. I haven't heard from anyone in a while."

Now there's talk that he could make his studio debut with a different classic property: Superman.

Super As he intensifies his search for a director on the Warner Bros. reboot, Christopher Nolan, who's godfathering the new Superman and producing the David Goyer script, has had discussions with Aronofsky about the job, sources say.

Aronfosky's latest, "Black Swan," the hybrid dramatic thriller with Natalie Portman, looks on track to become an art-house hit, if not more, and the idea would be to bring Aronofsky's auteur sensibility to the comic book mythology (much as Nolan has done with Batman).

Of course, Aronofsky is just one name among many. Nolan and producing partner Emma Thomas are casting a net wider than Krypton for the job, with Zack Snyder (a man known for action scenes and physical movement), Matt Reeves (getting heat off this Friday's "Let Me In") and a number of veteran filmmakers also reportedly in the running.

There would also be questions about how the relationship would work between two strong-willed auteurs like Aronosky and Nolan. And the "Wrestler" director has famously resisted taking on bigger-budget studio pictures in the interest of retaining creative control.

Still, it's an enticing idea to bring on an Aronofsky or someone of his ilk. He and Nolan have had similar roots, if vastly different trajectories. Both gained  acclaim for low-budget indies that told fractured stories (Nolan with "Following" and Aronofsky with "Pi") and have continued to maintain an auteur vision even as they worked with bigger stars. If Warner Bros. and financier Legendary are going to give Nolan a significant degree of creative freedom, it makes sense to go with someone who knows how to make the most of that.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Vintage Superman art. Credit: Jack Burnley / Taschen.


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he is the wrong choice for superman

Darren's films are all dark and gritty he is better suited for Daredevil or wolverine

Interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong but the brightest movie he's done is The Fountain and that wasn't exactly all smiles. And who remembers Aronofsky's take on Batman? Still, he has vision that could work with Nolan's. As for Superman himself, my pick is Armie Hammer.

I have mixed feelings about the entire list of directors whose names have been mentioned in connection with the next attempt to bring Superman back to the silver screen. And taking nothing away from Nolan, while his vision worked wonderfully for the Batman character, I question whether he is the right choice to be handling a character so fundamentally different from "The Dark Knight."

Aronofsky hasn't made a bad film. It would be interesting to see what he would do with Supes. Synder seems like a safer choice from a studio perspective, but I believe he too could do something great with the Man of Steel. Matt Reeves isn't bad, either. As a long-time Superman fan, I am happy with the prospects listed in this article.

Hard to see Nolan and Darren making a good team. Darren would need to let his ego go a bit and be a team player to make a kick ass Superman film. People need to stop complaining and worrying about the next Superman film being "dark" for cryin out loud!

Out of "rumoured" the list....I would choose Snyder first, then Darren, then Reeves and then Duncan.

However, I also think Alfonso Cuaron would work well also.

If Darren gets it....expect him and Nolan to get a solid cast for the film though.

Jon Hamm or Hugh Jackman as Superman
Natalie Portman or Emily Blunt as Lois Lane
Leonardo DiCaprio or Daniel Day Lewis as Lex Luthor
Day Lewis or Viggo Mortensen as Braniac
Jim Caviezel or Hugh Jackman as Jor El

Quite a few possibilities....

Jon Hamm (39) and Natalie Portman (29)?


Armie Hammer and Lizzy Caplan would be better surely?


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