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The Hollywood wagons circle Mel Gibson

July 12, 2010 |  9:10 pm

As Mel Gibson’s troubles multiply – that new audio released Monday by Radar Online is startlingly raw (you can listen here if you haven’t already; be warned that it’s profanity-laden)-- some Hollywood types are starting to open up about the actor’s purported tirade. Barely.

Monday morning, Whoopi Goldberg spoke her mind on "The View." She, improbably, defended Gibson -- “I don’t like what he did here, but I know he’s not a racist” – but at least she offered an opinion about it.

Most of Gibson’s other peers and allies in Hollywood have remained quiet as the controversy has mushroomed. (Incidentally, the audio has not been independently verified by The Times, but no one involved in the incident, including representatives from Gibson's camp, have called its authenticity into question.)

Consider the silence. On Monday, representatives for Jodie Foster, Gibson’s longtime friend and his director and costar in new movie “The Beaver,” said that she was in post-production and unable to comment when we reached out to her. An e-mail inquiry to Graham King, the producer who worked with Gibson on “Edge of Darkness” and who has been planning a Viking epic that Gibson would direct,  yielded a reply directly from King’s publicist saying the producer was on the set of another film and  was unavailable to comment.

A spokeswoman for Danny Glover, the often vocal African American actor who costarred with Gibson in the four “Lethal Weapon” movies — the franchise that, with its biracial pairing, helped shoot Gibson to the top of the action-star A-list —  has chosen not to weigh in. “At this time, Mr. Glover does not have a comment, and there is no statement regarding Mr. Gibson.” When asked if that might change, the representative responded, “The decision is that he will not [comment].” (More on the latest developments in this print story about Gibson.)

Experts – and common sense – says that the muted reaction highlights the fickle nature of Hollywood activism. Although actors often speak out on media controversies and various injustices — Glover is a U.N. goodwill ambassador to developing countries and is outspoken on racial issues — they often close ranks when one of their own is concerned (and as Goldberg's comments about her longtime friendship with Gibson suggests, he is one of their own). “That’s what Hollywood is about, isn’t it?” says film historian David Thomson. “Everyone covers themselves.”

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon." Credit: Warner Bros.


Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson is not a racist

Has Mel Gibson become a pariah in Hollywood? Or just for the time being?

Mel Gibson's mainstream Hollywood career is over -- for real, this time

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Well, there is no reason to continue to beat a dead horse. Jodie's opinion is not of real importance, the facts are.
Enough of "proving" Mel's a "jerk".
How about someone get him (and Lilo) to inpatient psych evaluations????
Obviously, some behaviors are beyond "poor taste." If we are not going to treat celebrities "differently", lets get them help when they need it.
If these two knuckleheads were your neighbors, there would of been proper INTERVENTION by now.
It's a thought.

Freaking psycho. The man who appears to have everything fails to listen to what he has. He brought this upon his own self, and in honesty, he deserves it. The man has built up some serious issues that need to be taken care of.

Most couples can have an argument and might say things in a fit of anger and would be horrified if they were taped and it became public. It sounds like she set him up to some degree. She stays calm and makes herself look good - REMEMBER SHE KNEW IT WAS BEING TAPED! AND WE DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE HAS SAID - OR DONE - WHEN THINGS WEREN'T BEING TAPED. I actually feel for Mel, she seems very conniving and manipulative.

give me a break. like black celebs in private havent called white people "whities or crackers?" or mexicans havent called whites "gringos?" let's record one of everyone's blow up and count to the sky all the groups that are gonna get called out. like jesus said, let he who be without sin cast the first stone.

If your going to bring Gibson into the spot light for his obscenities then continue the list with every rap artist living today,...

Just wanted to offer, that maybe she ran him to the point of craziness like women can do...

But conversly, he's so rich and likely cynical about people and life itself, it tends to feed an ego of an already type- A and intelligent personality. This is the side effect of being the type of dude he is, and unfortunately he's gone over the top. I think maybe Mel should just hit the golf course or a house boat, chill out and cacoon in with a nice piece.

What garbage. It is entirely appropriate for these actors to refrain from rushing to judgment. They aren't Mel Gibson's keeper.

Don't worry; he'll be in front of a judge soon enough.

Mel Gibson, in what PR folks are calling a terrible decision, is going to produce, direct, star and self-finance Braveheart 2: The Jews and Blacks Storm Malibu.

Read this hilarious article about the movie.


Google DAILYGOAT and it should be the first article on Tuesday.


One comment, in most estimations, does not constitute the correct use of the plural word "wagons". His agent died, he was summarily dropped by his agency, and you have one person who 'goes on the record', and that is Hollywood protecting their own?

Soooo happy that more came out about Mel Gibson. It’s funny he really such a great actor but all along that was all he was doing “Acting”. Mel Gibson is a racist prick who deserves to lose it all. I used to be a big fan but now after this and the comments about Jewish people I am done. RIP MEL!

Mel Gibson is awesome...Jews need to calm down, this is all about their hysterical vindictiveness

What is Jodie Foster's public position on domestic abuse and violence against women/children?

How does her silence on Gibson's behavior match up with that?

I mean of course, no celeb is dumb enough to come out publicly and say "domestic violence? Yeah, I'm all for it" -- but I'm just wondering if Jodie has ever taken any public stand AGAINST it.

I question this woman. Seriously, what woman gets pregnant by accident these days? I believe she is a gold digger. That she got pregnant for the money. That she was hopping to be the next Mrs. Mel Gibson and when that didn't happen she had to punish Mel. She knows him well enough to how to push his buttons. We don't know what transpired prior to the recordings. And her voice is just creepy now isn't it? Plus just what kind of mother would release, sell these tapes? I think she is a very cold and calculating woman. The only victim here is that poor little baby girl.

Sometimes good people have awful rage issues. If Mel is a nice guy who needs anger counseling, his friends should have the courage to say so. I admire Whoopi for speaking up. She did not support the bad behavior, but was brave enough to let everyone know that Gibson was a friend.

I can only wonder what his ex-wife Robin must have endured in all the years she was married to him. I know she must have loved him a lot but, did she also sstay because of fear? My prayers and hopes for a happy and peaceful future afre with her.

Attention "Not A Jew" - people like you are what makes normal people questions the usefulness of the Internet as it allows cockroaches like yourself to dart out into the light now and then spew your rubbish and then retreat and hide back into your crummy hole... As for Mel Gibson he's already done enough damage to his career and his relevance and is paying the price by demeaning any good that he's accomplished in the past. He's like a character in the Kink's "Celluloid Heroes" only made of flesh and blood after all.

Well ... at a minimum he is in need of some serious help he will never be getting.

Sad ... but such is life.

Well.. I'm white.. so I don't believe Mel Gibson is guilty. They can forge these audios. He didn't do it.


He picked up this hooker, dumped his wife, got the hooker pregnant and now he's angry. What did he expect? duh

If everyone was coming out and defending him, then you could say they were circling the wagons--which is still better than taking every opportunity to stab each other in the back like people in some circles do. But, since folks are refraining from comment, I would characterize that as trying to remain neutral, which seems like the responsible thing to do. Maybe the LA Times should follow suit and shut up about it.

Known few people that have tried to self destruct their lives as Mel Gibson is doing now. Mel you may have made a great movie about Jesus Christ, but that hardly qualifies you to walk on water. Get ahold of yourself before you lose it ALL.


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