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'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer shows ... little activity

June 30, 2010 | 11:42 am

Paramount did a brilliant job with its "You Demanded It" campaign on "Paranormal Activity," creating demand as much as exposing it. The trailer for the sequel -- which is being directed by the young Kip Williams and is still set for release this Halloween -- brings us back to where we left off: namely, with Paramount reminding us that we demanded it.

There's a hint of some new information in the minute-plus clip -- which, in a bid to ensure that women keep coming, plays ahead of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" this weekend. The marketing material shows a baby crib, suggesting that possessed protagonist Katie is now a mother (though who she's with remains a mystery; boyfriend Micah is presumably dead after the first film). And it shows a dog barking. So there's that.

But it's mostly a reminder that there was a film about eight months ago, and that this will be set in a similar locale of a possessed home, shot with a similarly grainy feel. Apart from that, we'll have to wait for more trailers. Or, um, demand them.

-- Steven Zeitchik



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The first film sucked so much arse that I am utterly shocked that a 2nd has been made. They shuld learn from Blair witch...one is freaking ENOUGH already.

The trailer showed quite a bit more. We can't assume the dark haired woman is Katie, because the first movie gave us background that the entity has taken over at least one other person previously and could have easily done so again. One of the things I saw after watching the trailer for the third time is when the dark haired woman is standing in the doorway. Look at the crib and check the mirror. Very subtle, but very disturbing.

I am definitely watching it... The first one really scared me and my husband lol

I think it's a haunting, in the previous film, original ending, Katie was shot to death. My theory is, a new family has moved in their residence, and Katie's possessed ghost/demon is wanting more.

WHY is all I wanna ask. If the 1st was real, Then there wouldnt have been 3 different endings, Just 1 and thats it.

It did not show in front of Eclipse at our theater instead it showed "Buried."

People who thought Paranormal Activity was scary must be afraid of their own shadows.

I don't mind them promoting their movie, it was just a horrible idea to bring out right after the Harry Potter trailer and right before Eclipse started because children are present. My friend's 10 year old sister went with us and as soon as we realized what we were watching, we shielded her eyes, but the damage was already done. They should have only showed this trailer in rated R movies.

That's weird when the Freaky Lady is in the door frame in the mirror the baby is standing, but in the crib the baby is asleep.

Kudos Tim for that find...pretty chilling.

I think I'd rather have my toenails ripped out than have to sit through another one of those snooze fests.

That must not be a very good mirror, because as Tim pointed out, the baby is sleeping but in the mirror he is standing up watching. You may also notice in the shot just before that one, the dog is lying on the ground but is no where to be seen in the mirror.

I would strongly suggest that the homeowners buy a new mirror.... :)

Apparently Katie is going to be in in the movie because she is listed as the title character.

There is also a listing for a character named Adam who is set to be played by a young actor Gabriel Liotta. Not sure what to expect. I am assuming this Adam and his son have moved into the house and it is going to lead you to believe one thing and then end with another.

I also think the woman in the door is going to be Katie. Certain websites have listed Micah will appear in the film. Most likely it will be in the form of home movies found by Adam.


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