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Is Hollywood headed to mars?

June 24, 2010 | 12:40 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Humans fled Earth to colonize a distant planet in "Avatar," and now they could be do it again in "The Martian Chronicles."

Martia Sources say that John Davis, the Fox-based producer behind such science-fiction hits as "Alien vs. Predator" and "I, Robot," has optioned film rights to the Ray Bradbury classic, in which humans land on Mars after a cataclysmic disaster and interact/clash with the natives in a series of interlinked adventures.

Bradbury's 1950 short-story collection has made it to the screen before, in a 1980 television miniseries that starred Rock Hudson and Bernadette Peters. But 30 years later, there's plenty more that technology (and 3-D?) could bring to the tales.

There's certainly ample narrative material in the book, which chronicle much of the action from humans' point of view, with some philosophical inquiry layered atop the pulp stories. One thing that may need to change, however, is the timing: Bradbury's original book set a chunk of the stories in the distant future -- in 2000 and 2005.

--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: "The Martian Chronicles." Credit: Doubleday Dell


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Nice they are taking another look at this. But what about the Foundation Series? Nobody has touched that yet...

I hope a film adaptation would retain the beautiful, lyrical and heartbreaking tone of the source material. If this is going to get turned into an action-packed scifi blockbuster, they may as well just change the title and be done with it. Making a shoot-'em-up and calling it The Martian Chronicles would be a travesty.

The Martian Chronicles is an outstanding book about a clash of civilizations.
The producer who has optioned it seems to have a track record for adapting interesting existing fiction properties into mindless, puerile Hollywood trash.
What a waste of time and resources !

No hate from me. I remember the original and have read the book. I also liked I, Robot, so take that! Can't wait to see The Martial Chronicles hit the big-screen.

I'm sure they're thinking right now that this is s star vehicle for Will Smith. More's the pity.

When i was at USC a fellow student adapted 'The Martian Chronicals' into a stage play. No special effects, just dialogue and staging...this was 40 years ago. It was a mezmerizing experience and done quite well. I hope they don't 'muck' it up on the screen version. Pitch to the Producer/Director/casting: I'm available and know the story quite well. ( Hey, do ya blame me??)

And please, please, please, for God sakes, don't make it another "shoot-em-up" starring Will Smith. This formula ruined I Robot.

terrible book Hollywood stay away!!!!!!!! Rather see another Farenheit451

The premis of "Avatar" wasn't to colonize the alien planet, but rather to mine it for it's precious mineral "unobtainium."


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