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Movie Club: The beginning

May 13, 2010 |  2:08 pm

Like many of you, we rarely attend press screenings, we don't get invited to world premieres and sometimes we go to see films alone. In short, we love movies. And we love to talk about them, regardless of whether they were good or bad. We're guessing you do too.

So, we're starting a Movie Club. It will work kind of like a book club. Each week, we'll pick a movie and an interesting movie theater.  We'll let you know where we’ll be, via 24 Frames, every Thursday. For our first foray, we're going to see Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood," and we've bought our tickets for the 3:50 p.m. show on Saturday at the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live. Afterward, we'll catch up with some of the merry band of moviegoers at the theater to hear what they thought of the film. We'll post some of the comments -- and maybe even video -- on 24 Frames on Monday.

Although L.A. Times film critic Kenneth Turan complains, among other things, that "Robin Hood's" plot is overly complicated and cumbersome, and the critics at Cannes haven't been particularly kind, we're still eager to check it out. 

Look for us outside the theater. We'll be wearing green (it is "Robin Hood" after all). Stop by and say hi. After the film, we'll grab a beverage, talk about what we watched and share our love of film in general. We won't pay for your ticket, but we do promise a spirited conversation.

-- Jevon Phillips and Tony Pierce

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ANOTHER Robin Hood movie?? S-A-H-N-O-O-Z-E-R!!!

Nice idea. I already have a film club of my own in which we do the same thing...actually I have 3 of them:


Would love for y'all to check us out.


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