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Preview review: Wait, there's another 'Twilight: Eclipse' trailer?

April 23, 2010 |  3:31 pm

MV5BNDMwNjAzNzYwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDY5NzcyMw@@._V1._SX271_SY400_ As if a teaser and one full-length trailer weren't enough to cause eager "Twilight" fans to salivate, Summit Friday premiered yet another preview of the highly anticipated upcoming installment in the vampire series "Eclipse." On "Oprah," no less.

We'd heard the Web rumors that early test screenings of the film didn't play well because many found the story to be too dark, leading to recent re-shoots. There's no way to know how much truth there is to those rumors, but it certainly makes sense given this new footage, which seems pretty dark in its own right.

This go-round, there's also a lot more dialogue and plot reveals. The trailer starts out with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) approaching Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) to "warn" his love interest about something that "she has a right to know."

Then, instead of Edward and Bella in the flower-filled field, we have a screaming Jacob [UPDATE: Or is it Riley? We can't tell.] running down an ominous street in the rain before he gets cut, or maybe hit. We can't tell, but it looks dark and unpleasant. There is general mayhem in the streets - burning cars, fistfights. What the heck is going on here? Again, for non-franchise die-hards, a lot of this stuff is confusing. 

Apparently, someone is creating an "army of vampires," declares Peter Facinelli's creepy-looking character, as he recruits Jacob and his gang of werewolves. What follows is a montage of action scenes accompanied by that intense kind of classical music. The whole trailer leads us to believe there's going to be a lot more fighting than dreamy vampire-loving, which may bode a little better for the male fans the franchise is trying to hook -- but doesn't bode quite as well for the women looking to get a glimpse of more Lautner and R-Patz shirtlessness.

And we'd be remiss not to mention the CGI here, which is difficult to tolerate even in the trailer. The wolves look so hokey and fake, and they're made even worse by the slow motion. 

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter)


Preview review: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' gives us ... more of the same

Preview review: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' teaser

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They had certainly better reshoot this movie. It looks terrible. I hate it when the screen is so dark you can hardly see what's going on. I am extremely disappointed.

i liked it.

Its clear whoever wrote this article knows nothing about the books.

That's not Jacob running down the street (and getting hit)..it's Riley. Victoria is attacking him in that scene.

Twilight Fan, you got that right. It wasn't Jacob running down the street, it was Riley or one of the other about to be converted into a vampire guys.

it looks true to the book.

i liked it!

Is it bad that the trailer made me laugh?

Ohhhh... Such cheese!

the trailer looks fantastic..by the way it is not Jacob running in the streetin the rain...it's Riley, Duh!!!! You really don't know anything about the books do you!

Shut up and quit complaining.
I'd like to see YOU make a movie.

Okay, bye.

It is apparent that the writer of the article has not read the books. It is not Jacob but Riley that is running down the dark street in the rain that appears to be cut. Bit actually. And Eclipse is a darker story than the first two books and the trailer looks to be a perfect reflection the tone of the book sets. If you look back on any movie franchise, or book series for that matter, they tend to get a little darker or deeper as the characters grow and evolve. Harry Potter is a prime example of that. If the writer were to have invested the time in reading the books or watching the movies they write about, it may make for a better article.

Peter Facinelli's creepy-looking character? Really?... He's not creepy at all. They're staying somewhat true to the book. I completely agree with "Twilight Fan"

I thought it looked great, the CGI didn't loook as bad as this review implied and I don't think that is Jacob running through "an ominous street about to get cut or bit..." I beleive that is Riley or another vampire army victim. Read the books reviewers!!

i'm going to have to agree with the overall lack of Twilight knowledge, bc that is not jacob running down the street before he "gets cut." On the CGI..Seriously? Would you prefer some real-life wolves running around looking like dogs not following the script? That would be less "hokey" and real. The wolves look more realistic and meaner than they did in NM, so I'm pleased.

This makes much more sense if you read the books, and it doesn't give much explination because of the short time-frame. People judge this to harshly, especially when they know they're gonna go and watch when it comes out anyway.

Yes apparently the author of this has NO idea about anything on the Twilight books. This trailer look AWESOME!!!! And I loved how dark and serious the director is making this movie. It makes the whole thing more exciting. Can't wait to see the whole movie.

If you have read the book and understand the story then this is not confusing at all it is exactly as it is suppose to be

I get the point that if you haven't read the books, the trailer may be confusing to you. But it seems like you have figured out the trailer just fine without having read the books, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I'm not a fan of trailers that give the entire plot away. I will agree I'm not a fan of movies that are so dark you can't make out what is going on. I was concerned about this because Slade's work is always dark like this. Having said that, this book is darker than the previous two, literally and figuratively. There is more death, darker conversations about the vampire world, much more battle, and most of that battle takes place at night moving into daybreak. Hence all the dark battle scenes.

I would like to ask about the CGI on the wolves. I'm curious when I hear comments about the wolves looking fake or hokey. What were you thinking the wolves would look like? If you've seen a real wolf, then you'd know that from a coloring standpoint that is how they look. From a battle standpoint, that is how wolves fight. Is it their size? They are, in the book, very large....5 to 6 feet tall when on all fours. Is it the size that makes them look fake? Again, I'm just curious.

SWEET TRAILER!! Much better then the first! I agree with all who posted....By the way you can't be "a die-hard" if you don't understand the trailer, read the books!

I love Twilight and cant wait until the movie comes out.

I think it looks great! If you watch the making of the first two all the finishing details are put it last and they are turning these films out so fast people forget that the people making them are HUMAN. The finished movie isn't just sitting around on someones desk waiting for the end of June-- they are working on it day and night. Go back and watch the original Twilight previews and you will see that the previews contain scenes and rough effects that aren't in the final cut.

Best trailer I've ever seen.


I think that "Eclipse" was the best film out of the Twilight saga so far. It was full of energy. Plus, Jacob was hot!


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