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Preview review: Jeff Bridges ditches the cowboy hat for 'Tron: Legacy'

March 9, 2010 | 12:57 pm


In the newly released trailer for December's "Tron: Legacy," the long-awaited sequel to the 1982 cult classic, it's at first a bit jarring to see Jeff Bridges in such a fast-paced, futuristic setting. Bridges has, after all, spent the past few months on the awards circuit inhabiting the laid-back cowboy attitude of "Crazy Heart's" Bad Blake.

But once you get past that, you get the sense that the movie is a fanboy's dream, with a world that will look pretty fantastic in 3-D, what with hi-tech Recognizer vehicles, neon game-warrior suits and, of course, the beloved Bridges. 

In the trailer, we're immediately introduced to newcomer Garrett Hedlund, a.k.a. Sam Flynn, the son of computer programmer Kevin Flynn, the protagonist from the first film and a role that Bridges reprises here. Sam is told by old "Tron" pro Alan Bradley that some new information about his father, who disappeared 25 years ago into the digital world of Tron, has surfaced. He hops on his Ducati and heads over to Flynn's arcade, whose many games are now covered in dusty cobwebs and plastic tarps.

What he uncovers there catapults him into Tron, a dark, ominous world with menacing skies and neon lights where he will be reunited with his father and try to save him from the Tron program. (For a deeper analysis, check out this awesome play-by-play on our sister blog Hero Complex.)

Over the weekend at the Indie Spirit Awards, Olivia Wilde -- who plays Sam's friend Quorra in the film -- told us that though the sequel seems like a big-budget adventure flick, many fans don't realize that the original film was seen as risky.

"'Tron' was originally made by filmmakers in the early '80s who had this wild idea that everyone thought was crazy," she said. "When they used words like 'program' in 'Tron,' no one had ever heard that before. The actors were saying, 'What's a program? Why am I saying this word?' That was someone thinking outside the box and saying 'I've got this idea, I know it sounds crazy, but give me a chance to bring it to life.' And someone gave them a chance, and it turned into this cult phenomenon."

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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I think to call the original Tron "flashing green lights" is typical of modern thinking when it comes to the old. I hope the new film succeeds , however the old 80's will always topple the mindless CGI crap of today.

Olivia explaining what Tron was like back in the 80s...geez! WHY do media always quote people who weren't even BORN when the topic they are talking about is the issue? Tron: 1982 Olivia: 1984
I love how they give us a little history lesson, in this case how society reacted to it...as they were just told about it about a month ago themselves. ( Nothing against Olivia is specific here. VH1 does this all the time with there panel of yuksters talking about clips they have nothing to do with.)

High hopes for this. I hope it isn't crap like Avatar.

I see Encom is now located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I live in Vancouver, and that panorama Encom shot of the city (north shore where the Olympics were just held at Cypress mtn) at the start of this clip and Flynn's son riding his motorcycle through the streets are definitely downtown Vancouver near the waterfront on Coal Harbour. If I am not mistaken that was West Hastings Street near Burrard St.
Unless he road to California on his bike that night, Flynn's Arcade must also be in Vancouver now. LOL Terrific!

Furthermore... The new Encom building looks like it is in fact the new ShangriLa Tower, or the new Shaw Cable Tower in Vancouver. How come Disney didn't preview this trailer here in Vancouver!?

Yup, it is the Shaw Tower located at West Cordova Street and West Waterfront Street. Check out the street level view on Google Maps. Based on your assumption though and the new Flynn's location with Vancouver's city lights in the background, that places Fynnn's in the seediest part of East Van... yikes! haha

People have to remember that the Disney of 82 isn't the Disney 2010. Disney took more chances on new writers than they do now( or at least it seems). They know the salt and pepper of the industry, but sometimes lack the reality that those aren't the only spices of entertainment, but what do I know? I think the film will be fine as long as we don't put too much hope in it. It makes no sense to get all worked up for something I haven't "really" invested in. It would be nice to just see a film that takes me away from all the BS while reminding me of the first time that I saw something great. However, TRON is definitely a long time favorite!!

Um, major sticking point guys....the world is not called "Tron". Tron was the hero character, and a program written by Alan, from the first film. Therefore, Sam could not have gone "into the world of Tron" nor do i seriously think that the program of Tron is trying to kill them.

Tron was not a world but a character bassed upon a progammng term 'TRace On.

In the old days pre-1990. You could run a BASIC proram with TRON. It basically allowed you to see step by step the path that the program was taking.

In the movie "Tron" (The character) was brought into the computer to fight and disable a corrupt MCP (Master Control Program). I can elaborate more, but i a afraid that I will be showing my geekness!!!

The Tron program was created as a monitoring security program in the original movie that was able to take out the MCP. My theory is that the Tron program has now evolved with the digital world and taken over the MCP's digital capabilities, thereby making it Tron's world, hence it is proper to call it the Tron city, which is a part of the encom system that has evolved over time into what we will see in this movie.

You're close Noamchomsky, but it wasn't the Tron program that evolved, the bad program was actually Flynn's CLU program. Flynn created a new CLU program, the original was de-rezzed in the 82 Tron. Flynn claimed he was his best program. Anyways, a new CLU program was created, for reasons I have yet discovered except for supposedly, it's supposed to make the system better. However, CLU got corrupted and started going rogue with his own vision of how the system should operate. This is all I have found out from my research.

Wasn't the original CLU the program in the red tank?

God! A beauty-type 'Acti-tron' trying to sound knowledgable. UUGGGHHH! First of all we need someone to invent a new term for "Outside The Box". It is soooo not OTB when such non-"OTB's "like this 'one' uses it like so much "Splenda" in her Starbucks.
Back to what she was babbling about.
"Nobody used the word 'Program'!?!?" "What is this word 'Programs' that the actors are using? No one used that word before." What century is she wikepedia, referencing?!? Yes, there were computers in 1981 and they ran on programs, my child! Is that the "simple" idea that she was refering to? EHHH? " Or is it maybe that they called the characters 'Programs' while inside the computer system? Wow, that was a stretch. She gets in my book ,the Boogie Nights, "Dirk Digler" Award for the most stupidest, "I know what I'm talking about" speech, I've heard in a long time! " I'll Keep Rockin' If you keep Rockin'!"


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