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Oscar liveblog: 'The Cove' swims to welcome shores

March 7, 2010 |  8:12 pm

8:02 pm: "The Cove" is the unsurprising winner for best documentary, beating out the other socially conscious picture "Food, Inc." More controversial: One of the winners holds up a save-the-dolphins text-message number onstage, which seems like a pretty clear infraction of the academy's no-promotion rules for the podium, even if it is a promotion for a good cause.

One interesting subplot for "The Cove" win: Sundance 2009 is now faring pretty well, what with this victory and "Precious" landing two wins.

-- Steven Zeitchik

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It took a lot of balls to make "The Cove," made under combat conditions in a distinctly hostile environment. It took a lot of balls for Hollywood to give the film an Oscar, 50 years after they spear-gunned a dolphin making "Flipper." I hope in the future no dolphins or killer whales will have to spend their lives in jail, and the ones that perform in movies will have an agent... and a translator. There is nothing we can give these creatures but their freedom, clean oceans, unpolluted fish to eat and our love.

Ric O'Barry, the world's leading activist for dolphins and whales, held up a sign that said "Text Dolphin to 44144" and so what if it is a clear infraction - remember when all kinds of nutty things used to happen at the Oscars? Like people talking about politics and refusing awards? That little "infraction" made the night - someone disobeyed and it was an activist - how surprising! God bless Ric O'Barry and everyone who follows the sign's directions to help save the dolphins being slaughtered in Japan.


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