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Katherine Heigl contemplates her post-'Grey's Anatomy' options

March 16, 2010 |  7:44 pm

EXCLUSIVE: With her turn as "Grey's Anatomy's" Dr. Izzie Stevens very possibly coming to an end, Katherine Heigl will have some time to shoot the movie roles she covets.

But which film projects are priorities? Sources say she's currently contemplating several parts.

One lead candidate is "Blended," the modern-day Brady Bunch tale about two single parents who go on a blind date, then end up on a cruise with each other and their kids (and the romance and hijinks of course follow). Heigl is now attached to the Warner Bros. project, sources say (previous reports had Sandra Bullock also eyeing the female role), and it's mainly a matter of the actress deciding whether she wants to shoot it.

Heigl is also considering moving forward with the lead role of Stephanie Plum in "One for the Money," the adaptation of Janet Evanovich's first Plum novel, set up at Warner Bros., in which Heigl would play a lingerie saleswoman who becomes a bounty hunter. That one has its appeal, especially because, given all the many Plum bestsellers that Evanovich has written, it could well become a franchise. (There are also some other titles in development, including a pair of comedies titled "Is She the One" and "Drawn Together," but the Heigl buzz on those is quieter.)

The "Blended" part has a certain familiarity to it. The semi-independent, semi-lonely single woman is a character Heigl has played before, in last year's "The Ugly Truth," and 2008's "27 Dresses," and 2006's "Knocked Up," and nearly all her previous big-screen roles, now that we think of it.

It would mark a branching-out of sorts for Heigl to star in "One for the Money," which has more of an action feel. Heigl is already mixing it up -- slightly -- with her upcoming Ashton Kucher collaboration "Killers," in which she's a woman who meets the man of her dreams (not the mixing-it-up part) and then finds out he's a secret agent and gets caught up in the gunplay (the slightly-mixing-it up part).

Heigl is also taking a dramatic turn with next December's "Life As We Know It," playing someone who must care for her friend's orphaned child after that friend is killed.

Even given her much-publicized "Anatomy" hiatuses -- taken both for family reasons and to shoot "Life As We Know It" -- and her equally publicized rifts with the show's producers, TV has restricted Heigl's film production schedule to one or two movies per year. For either the betterment or the dismay of the moviegoing public, it appears we'll now be seeing her a lot more.

--Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Katherine Heigl in "The Ugly Truth. Credit: Saeed Adyani/Columbia Pictures


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Hopefully a lot more..she is awesome.

So excited about seeing her more in films. Grey's has been a sinking ship for Izzie's character since Season 3. Happy Heigl will be doing films, it's where she belongs.

Cannot stand this one-note, one-expression actress.
I hope she pulls a David Caruso circa "Jade".

This girls bitten every hand that's fed her... she denounced Apatow's 'boys club' during Knocked Ups theatrical run and the Grey's writers that made her in the first place. She's not a writer/performer with her own vision, she's not Tina Fey. Shes an entitled, ungrateful ACTRESS. She's painfully average and I can't wait for her turn in the industry to 'work itself out'

Writers control TV. She will never work in TV again.

I'd love to see her in One for the Money. If this turns into shooting more the Stephanie Plum series it should be her for sure. Sandra Bullock is too old for the part! SP is a 30 year old not 40 year old. Please do not pick Bullock she has no more light hearted young funny sexy appeal. She should be picking up the mom roles

The nerve, criticizing Judd Apatow, cinematic fulfiller of fat boys' wet dreams!

NO, NO, NO. Please don't ruin my favorite book series by putting Heigl in this role. On top of my disliking her, she is all wrong for this part. If she's in it, I won't be seeing it.


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