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Fun with Navy SEALS: Filmmaker Parisot in discussions to direct underwater thriller

March 29, 2010 |  1:31 pm

Of all the source material a director can choose to adapt, a graphic novel is probably the trickiest. Take one on and you're not only competing with the images audiences might conjure up from the book's prose, but you're also attempting to trump the images published in the book itself.

Sea That's one of the reasons "Kick-Ass," Matthew Vaughn's upcoming adaptation of the popular teen-superhero comic series, will be such a closely watched experiment. And it's why Dean Parisot, like any filmmaker who accepts the mission, will have his work cut out for him if he takes on the upcoming "SEAL Team Seven."

The director of the Jim Carrey comedy "Fun With Dick and Jane" and the Drew Barrymore comedy-drama "Home Fries" is in discussions to direct "SEAL," a political action film that mixes the Tom Clancy submarine thriller with a dollop of fanboy fantasy intrigue.

Based on M. Zachary Sherman's 2006 graphic novel "SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven," the project, which is being developed by Walden Media, has Navy SEALS investigating a mysterious submarine drowning in the Persian Gulf, as well as battling forces in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

Parisot might seem a slightly unlikely candidate for the assignment, but he's had his share of genre credits with movies such as the sci-fi comedy "Galaxy Quest." Plus the filmmaker could have a bit more time now that "Central Intelligence," the Ed Helms comedy that he's set to direct, has been pushed back. That should give him more opportunity to get the look and feel of the thing right, opportunities he'll likely want to take. Comic fans tend to push adaptations they don't like underwater.

-- Steven  Zeitchik

Photo: Jacket image from 'SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven.' Credit: Image Comics

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Mr. Zeitchik,

Thanks for the great article! We are looking forward to seeing this movie. I work for Naval Special Warfare Recruiting Directorate in Coronado, CA and I wanted to mention our website, sealswcc.com. It's the official website of Naval Special Warfare. We have a ton of information about the Navy SEALs along with videos about training and downloadable photos of the history, training, and life of the Navy SEALs. Thanks again for the great update about this movie!

Petty Officer John Lamb

This just looks like a horrible idea, and an insult to the Teams in every way shape and form.

This is just a horrible idea and an insult to the Teams in every way imaginable...please dont fill anymore kids heads with goofy ideas like this....and then have them come to BUD/s to get their asses handed to them and have them ticked cause they wont be fighting aliens in Atlantis...really?? What are you smoking?? How on earth would anyone entertain this, and to see a post from NAVSPECWAR supporting this?? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

this sounds retarded, im tired of movie directors portraying SEALs and the spec ops community in ways that mislead the entire public, and basically joke about something thats deadly serious.

Obviously none of you nay-sayers have bothered to read the graphic novel or inquire about Mr. Sherman's background. Take a moment and visit your local comic shop or Amazon.com, pick up a copy and enjoy this very good depiction of Navy Seals and a great story. Then spout off!


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