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Friend and costar Anthony Vitale talks about final film with Corey Haim

March 10, 2010 | 12:39 pm

Corey Haim's friend and the costar of one of his final films says news of Haim's sudden passing "does not surprise me."

"I know he's been struggling with substance abuse for quite some time," Anthony Vitale told 24 Frames. Vitale co-wrote and stars in the film "Decisions," one of Haim's final projects.

"I extended an offer to help," Vitale said. But Haim's reaction to it was "lackadaisical and nonchalant, like it wasn't a problem."

Haim died early Wednesday morning of a suspected drug overdose. He was 38.

In "Decisions," a movie that does not yet have distribution, Haim played the lead role, an undercover cop in Los Angeles who is compromised on the job. "It's the classic tale of good versus evil," Vitale said. "And, of course, good wins out in the end. The tagline would be: 'The voice of reason sometimes comes in a gruff, dirty package.'

"It's got a 'Sixth Sense' ending with an 'Unusual Suspects' reveal," Vitale said.

Production wrapped Nov. 1, and editing of the film was finished Tuesday night, he said.

During production, Vitale, a Long Beach resident, said he picked up Haim every morning from the Oakwood apartment complex where Haim lived with his mother. They'd carpool to filming in Northridge. Vitale said Haim was in "great spirits" while working.

"His mom was with him every day. Corey did a fantastic job, too. It's the most mature character he's ever played. He's not that cute little kid anymore in this.

"He was a professional actor while we filmed. What he did when we wrapped? I don't know. But while he was with us, he was great.

"What a tragedy this is," Vtiale said. "My heart goes out to his family, especially his mother."

TMZ reports that in the last 10 days of his life, Haim was approached by the casting company for the VH1 series "Celebrity Rehab" but declined an offer to appear. A show source told the website Haim was "extremely defensive and insulted, saying, 'It's the last show I'd ever do.' " 

-- Denise Martin

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He prob didn't die of drugs. Wait for facts. Please. No one cared for him alive but dead all have things to say. He was great wanted him to do more. Be healthier. Not this.

I believe you're referring to the 1995 film, The Usual Suspects, which has a fantastic reveal might I add.

i used to play with corey haim when we were both kids in toronto. he worked on a canadian tv show called the edison twins. my mom was on the crew and he was two years younger than me and because she didn't have babysitting i hung around on set. he was sweet and hyper and fun. he and my mom had this running joke about the word souvlaki and everytime he saw her he would say souvlakeeeeee! addiction sucks.

sad all the way around & really sad he did not want help. i wish @ least this last film would have been decent; obvious that it's terrible though from the trailer. only someone like QT could have reinvented him in film. all not to be. i'll choose to rem. him for his early stuff like: Lucas, Lost Boys & Silver Bullet.

This is how I wish to remember Corey. He mad a 10 minute documentary in 1989 right after "Lost Boys" and he was still trying to hold on to his fame.
here is the clip:


He was a very poor actor but a very good drug addict. So, mission accomplished buddy! Many people tried to reach out to him- to help him help himself. He made his choices- his own selfish choices.

It's a real shame he didn't take the gig on 24 he was offered last year.
It would have a good solid stint and could have been a vehicle for something of a comeback.
I'm not sure Deb Manwiller was thinking in offering Corey a role where he would really have to put in (the 24 set is a real tight ship) but I guess Kiefer and Deb saw something in him and I like to think he would have aquitted himself well.
Would have been the last thing the expected when he turned them down.
R.I.P. Corey.

From someone who can relate, and who has interacted with other that have been there as well, sexual abuse can really mess you up. I'm just starting to accept that alcohol will kill me if I don't change, and have changed a bit for the better lately. Funny thing is I'm almost 38 and what happened to me happened when I was 14. Point is, there are others who can relate and in no way would I judge Corey Haim given the inside knowledge I have on that kind of trauma. But in the end we have to deal with the demons and make changes for the better. I feel for him and his family and friends. I wish he had the resources to deal with the crap. If I might add, I think society still underplays the significance and hurt that comes from male sexual abuse. It does happen and it does destroy lives.

It's sadly obvious that neuropathy had set in, watching him try to recite his lines. His awkward lips, and his difficulty in enunciation. He was struggling terribly.

I've worked with neurologically damaged individuals - most due to alcohol. They share some common traits - uncontrollable hand and lip shakes, inability to effectively control facial expressions, etc... Watching this clip, it's obvious he was text-book neuropathy.

If you watch Ozzy Osbourne, you see an individual whose brain is functioning normally on the cognitive level (mostly), but whose neurological transmissions have been permanently (neuropathy is irreversible) damaged. He can't SAY what he's thinking, no matter how hard he tries. The neurological transfers from brain to muscle are damaged. A temporary example of this is listening to someone who is inebriated with alcohol. They try to communicate, but they can't differentiate between vowels and consonants on an audible level.

Corey had spent more than 2/3 of his life destroying his neurological system with chemicals. Think of it as bug-spray. You can't "unspray" what you've sprayed. It only kills, permanently.

At some point, the disturbance in transfer will ultimately impact critical bodily functions, like heart-beat and respiratory functions.

The callousness & knee-jerk way with which peole make blanket judgments of dead strangers' souls these days-- particularly but not exclusively under the self-protective cloak of the Internet's anonymity- is still shocking to me.
I never saw any of Haim's films & never watched his "reality" show, but turnihng down being on the exploitative spectacle (Celebrity Rehab) that purports to help addicts while Dr. Drew & producers & network rake in the bucks & the "has-beens" are ridiculed seems to me a decision that shows sense. My sympathies to his friends & family for their loss.

Thats a trailer? Yikes, I thought it was an outtakes clip. Very sad....the movie and what happened to Corey. RIP.

I always thought of Corey as a great person with lots of potential but just became a very lost soul .I have been such a huge fan of his for many years I will never forget you Corey ,i only wish things could have been diffrent and that you could have been saved .My condolences to his Mother and Family and also to Corey Feldman and his Family i know you thought of him as a Brother and that this has to be real hard on you too, my heart goes out to you all .Corey will be sadly missed by many of his fans

I am so sad. That wonderful smile will be missed. I have loved Corey since The Lost Boys. I'm a Mom and old enough to be his Mom. My heart just breaks for her. He is now at Peace.


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