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Preview review: Woody Harrelson tests his powers in 'Defendor'

February 17, 2010 |  6:06 pm


At the Oscar nominee luncheon earlier this week, Woody Harrelson was asked about the status of a dark superhero comedy he has coming out titled "Defendor."

"Yeah, I did this movie called 'Defendor' and I was really excited because Sony picked it up in Toronto, and it's a wonderful movie," he said. "I love the movie. I get the feeling it's not gonna get much play, though."

We just saw the trailer and sadly, we're going to have to agree with Harrelson: it just doesn't look like a winner.

In the trailer, we see Harrelson as Arthur Poppington, an average guy who thinks he has superpowers and is determined to defend his city's criminal-ridden streets. Poppington, who labels himself the "Defendor," wears a bicycle helmet for protection and counts lime juice and marbles as his weapons. Unlike in his Oscar-nominated turn in "The Messenger," Harrelson seems out of place in the role, spacily wandering the dimly lit streets of the film's gritty urban landscape

The film does have an eclectic cast -- including "Grey's Anatomy" star Sandra Oh and Kat Dennings of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" -- but we're not sure any of the names harness enough star power to bring a large enough audience in to see this hybrid.

Could the film surprise and prove to be a niche gem? Or would Woody the bartender get more traction? Share your thoughts below.

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Woody Harrelson stars in "Defendor." Credit: Sony Pictures.

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Didn't Damon Wayans do a similar movie?

This look GREAT!!!
I won't be missing "THE DEFENDOR"

Michael Rappaport did a very similar movie in 2006, "Special."


This looks like the same thing.

Was not really sure what to expect when I went to the preview of this movie. But if you get the chance to see it definitely go. Harrelson does an admirable job of playing a role were the lead character (Arthur Poppington) is so flawed that the surrounding cast treat Poppington as an amusing joke. But there lies the movies charm, Harrelson bring a vulnerability to the role and in the end the audience wants him so desperately to succeed. It's a film with a limited budget and most likely a very limited distribution, I doubt it will be in the theaters long. Hopefully after Zombieland, Mr Harrelson name alone will help draw people in. Go see it!

It looks like quirky good fun.


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