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Measuring the 'Twitter Effect' on the Oscars

February 24, 2010 |  5:31 pm

Part and parcel of being the social networking platform du jour, Twitter has become the place for plugged-in ‘Netizens to chest beat, navel gaze and occasionally ruffle the feathers of their followers -- all in 140 characters or less. Especially in Hollywood.

But for many of this year’s Academy Award nominees as well as various and sundry boldfaced names who find themselves caught in the glare of the Oscars spotlight, Twitter has another value: as a locus of real-time reaction to the vagaries of awards season.

In this story in Thursday’s Times, we examine the Twitter Effect on this year’s Oscars. The operative idea being that in an era when even 64-year-old Helen Mirren is known to tweet, people are using their ambient online presences to communicate with more immediacy, greater candor and without the filter of publicists in a way that would have been unimaginable pre-Information Age.

But for the inquiring minds wanting to cut straight to the tweet, herewith is a short list of Oscar nominees and people attached to the awards broadcast who have active Twitter accounts:

Oscars broadcast co-producer Adam Shankman -- twitter.com/adammshankman

Best director nominee Jason Reitman -- twitter.com/jasonreitman

Jesse James, husband of best actress nominee Sandra Bullock -- twitter.com/frankyluckman

Best director nominee Quentin Tarantino -- twitter.com/qjtarantino

Best supporting actress nominee Gabourey Sidibe -- twitter.com/GaboureySidibe

Best director nominee Lee Daniels -- twitter.com/leedanielsent

Best actress nominee Helen Mirren -- twitter.com/helenmirren

“Up in the Air” author Walter Kirn -- twitter.com/walterkirn

-- Chris Lee

Photo of Oscars from AMPAS.